Tuesday, March 29, 2016


This picture was taken at an ugly sweater party at Rebecca's house.
Who is Rebecca you may be thinking... well she is the one person on this earth that has many similarities to my Mother, besides me of course. haha
That alone made me love her from the minute she told me about herself. (Also she is the one on the floor in a penguin shirt.)

See I met Rebecca when I went to Nicaragua last May. (Nicaragua needs an entire blog post if it's own, it was an amazing, life changing trip!!) 

The picture above has my heart, I asked for all my kids to get in the picture and this was the result!!
How blessed to have so many extra kids think of me like a mom. 

The 7 kids that jumped in the picture that don't live at my house, all have so many wonderful things that they add to our family. 

Having a large family is always an adventure, not always a fun adventure but an adventure non the less.

We are able to go places and get the group discount, we always have someone to take a selfie with, we share almost everything, everyone always has options of who they want to hang with, people have lists of questions about how we do things, cleaning up is a breeze with so many helpers, parties are always so fun..etc.

Some not fun adventures... we don't get invited much because we are too many, outings that average size families frequent (such as laser tag, museums, amusement parks, movie theater, ice skating etc..) are budget busters for us, many different ages makes it difficult to entertain all..etc,

Anyway I got off the topic...
The gorgeous Rebecca...

Becca accepts our family and all of its ups and downs. She comes over, she helps plan parties we have, she attends outings and helps with the kids, she blesses the girls with the clothes she no longer wears. Her heart, her sense of humor her ability to listen, all add so much to my family.

She has so many friends!! I love a bunch of her close friends! One of her best friends my family spends a lot of time with also...

This is Jim. Becca's best friend, well one of them.
He needs a post of his own also, He's pretty amazing an a wonderful addition to our family dynamic.

She is so great with my kids and super sweet to me.

I believe God sent her to me to remind me of my mom and bring me closer to Him!

I have had a lot of people that have come into my life and left a print on my heart, I can honestly say that Becca owns a piece of my heart. 

I am so happy to be a part of her life and I look forward to attending her wedding. 
This is her and her Fiancé Matt.

"It's amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, can suddenly mean the world to you."

Have you ever met someone that touched your life and heart in an incredible way?


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