Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching up

I thought maybe a list of highlighted events over the last 6 months would be interesting and a great way to link the pages together once I write a post of each event... here's to hoping I accomplish that.

In no certain order here are 25+ highlights...

We had our annual Family photo taken, as well as our individual photos (we only take those every other year).

Photo credit: Julie Lanni
My cousin Julie and my cousin Mindi each welcomed a baby girl into their families.
Photo credit: Mindi Lanni

Enjoyed seeing and hugging my great nephew.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Coca-Cola Marketing

It's been many months since I have taking the time to write for my blog.
I apologize to anyone that checks for new entries.

I have a lot of pictures and thoughts to sort out on this blog to catch up for the last 6 months.

I wanted to share my excitement about this new Coke marketing strategy!
My opinion is that it is BRILLIANT!

A friend of mine sent this picture to me...

Typically it hard to find Jon, spelled J O N. But here is Jon with Heather next to it, yep made my day!! But to add a little more David is on the other side, which is Jon's middle name.

My daughter has friend's with unique names, so my husband made a repoduction of the label and put their names on them.

(thought I would I have a picture to add here, but Hannah lost the pictures with her previous phone)

There are so many people tickled by finding their name, I am on the hunt for a friend of mine.
She is looking for the name Quinn, please let me know if you find one.

I would also like to find one with each of my kids names so I could line them up and get a picture.

What do you think of the marketing strategy?