Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching up

I thought maybe a list of highlighted events over the last 6 months would be interesting and a great way to link the pages together once I write a post of each event... here's to hoping I accomplish that.

In no certain order here are 25+ highlights...

We had our annual Family photo taken, as well as our individual photos (we only take those every other year).

Photo credit: Julie Lanni
My cousin Julie and my cousin Mindi each welcomed a baby girl into their families.
Photo credit: Mindi Lanni

Enjoyed seeing and hugging my great nephew.

While in Ohio attended a fantastic 50th birthday party for a friend.

Met some new people here in Texas, that I now call friends.

My teenagers did an internship and learned all about Sugar Land Family Church.
Photo credit: Isabelle Feagain

We celebrated 7 of our 11 birthdays.

Learned to make pumpkin rolls.

Welcomed not 1 but 2 dogs into our family.

Spent a week in Galveston at my friends beach house.

Had multiple visitors from Ohio.

Went on a cruise with my friend of 27 years.

Realized we have fruit baring grape vines, dew berry tree, and a fig tree in our yard.
Fig tree

Grape vines

Successfully made homemade fig jam.

Put one of our houses on the market to sell, it our first time selling a house.

Kids experienced riding in boat for the first time.

Squeezed almost 2 months of quality time with my uncle into that 6 month blogging gap.

Best pals

Crocheted a beautiful colorful, baby blanket for my cousin Julie's baby.

The Palladium offered 6 weeks of free movies for kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Was invited to an AWESOME water park, Splashway.

Gave our trampoline a make over.

I sewed my first couple bow ties, and learned how to tie them.

Kids had a couple shaving cream adventures and squishy baff encounters.

Enjoyed a wonderful Anniversary surprise.

Discovered Giada and Ina cooking shows. I have created delicious meals they featured.

Leo got a big boy bed.

Jon, Jacob, and my cousin Christopher left here for an all guys weekend (aka torture session).

Achieved a small weight loss goal.

Shared in creating some homemade gifts, with my friend Erica.
Photo credit: Gaby Claros

My friend drew me, my very first caricature.

And just this week, I made my very first Homecoming Mum!!!

That just touches on some of the awesome experiences of our large family adventures over the last 6 months.

Which of the above would you be interested in hearing more details?


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Emily @ beauty blether said...

Great post!! You guys have been up to so much fun stuff over the past few months! Wish I could have seen you while you were here <3 Love the shaving cream day and your Homecoming mum turned out amazing! And those two pups are to die for - can't wait to meet them!! xx

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