Monday, January 28, 2013

Words of wisdom

Things I want my children to know and remember.

•••Even though I am strict and bossy- I love you and want you all to be happy. But also disciplined enough to keep yourselves on a positive path to be successful.
•••Be confident! Be proud of all your talents and quirks that make you special. Please don't waste time trying to be someone else. Look in the mirror and love yourself!

•••Eating healthy has many benefits.

•••Each of you have a special place in your Dad's and my heart. You are each unique and we love that.

•••Never underestimate the power inside yourself. You have the capabilities to do more than you can imagine. Your only limitations are those you believe to be true.

•••Your never too old to hug and kiss your Mom and Dad.

•••True friends are rare, they don't pressure you to do things.

•••Vacations are a great way to bond and learn responsibilities. 

•••I have loved your dad with everything in me since our first kiss in 1996.

•••This, too, shall pass. I have heard this and it rings true in so many situations.

•••Be kind to everyone!! Everyone is fighting their own battle. You never know what a person is dealing with or going through.  Always being kind, it could make a huge difference to one or more people.

•••Listening to you Dad, as he convinced me to have baby after baby, was the BEST decision I have ever made. I couldn't imagine my life with any less then 9 kids. I am THE luckiest Mom in the world.

•••No matter the choices you may make in life, I will ALWAYS be right here loving you through!

•••Pick your battles. Not everything is worth a fight. Even though I like being right, it isn't always the most important thing.

•••Saying no, isn't easy and we don't enjoy it.

•••Your siblings are your true friends and you should love them through all their choices and mistakes.

•••Having dinner together as a family is a very important to us. It's a great time to talk, share and have fun.

•••Getting old and being like your parents is inevitable. One day you will find yourself saying what they said, that you never thought you would.

•••Don't go to the park after dark. Please stay safe in all that you so because the re is only one you!

•••Chores are not punishment, they help you build character and it doesn't hurt for you to help out and learn responsibility.

•••Despite what you might believe, new shoes don't make you run faster or jumper higher.

•••EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And I mean everything!

•••I love you! NO MATTER WHAT!

What Words of Wisdom would should with your child/children?


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  1. I don't love any of you any more or less than the next...each of you will have a time in your life that you may need more love, forgiveness, kindness, etc...I will always be there for each of you through your "special" times!