Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Spa Ever

We decided to surprise the girls, all 7 of them.
So Jon, Julie, Jaime, Jacob, Michael, Samuel, and myself put together a spa day.

We set up different things in different rooms of the house. We made and hung signs.

Enjoy the pictures following, and by the way   Welcome to ...
Spa De La Familay (pronounced fam i lay)

Here at the exquisite Spa De La Familay the handsome young men wear ties

2 of the young men specialize in massages

 Hors Devoueves and alcohol free cocktails available
Some of the most Divine ladies in Feagainville attend our Spa.

Ms. Julie has received many awards for her fabulous nail painting talents.

Heather is among the highest rated Hair stylist in all of Feagainville

The escorts at Spa De La Familay go to any length to accommodate the guests
No one leaves SDLF unhappy

even the smallest of ladies enjoy coming

smiles fill all the rooms

up close peek at the Marvelous make-up by the infamous Jaime

We even have celebrities stop in from time to time
 We were so excited, you should have heard the giggles from all the ladies when these Extraordinary Glams walked into Spa De Familay
they both got the all inclusive package
Some finished make-up looks

Lovely hair styles create lovely smiles  :0)

 Once our clients have completed their beauty part of the spa, we take them to wardrobe for their new outfit and the head out for their Photo shoot.
I have provided a nice array of photos of many of our happy clients!!!

Thank you for stopping by   Spa De La Familay

We had a great time with the kids a you can see, and they were so thrilled with all of it, we wanted to take all 10 very confident kids out to show off their AMAZING looks.

 The technicians needed to show off their looks too!

We tried a new restaurant... everyone looks great!

The inside was fun and funky, we had a great time!

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What a wonderful day with people I love!
It's always fun to make up new and exciting things to do with the kids... This is the kind of day that make lasting memories for the kids... who am I kidding.. that day was so much fun it will be a lasting memory for all of us!!!

Tell me about a day that makes you smile even now.


  1. that looked like so much fun and they are getting so big all because the have your and jons looks :) miss you guys and you guys have so much imagination all the time

  2. Yet another great blog!!! U r so creative girl, its awsome.