Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girls Hairstyles

So I have decided to make a book of hairstyles.

 I do so many different styles on my 6 daughters that I thought it would be nice to take pictures of them and make a book so the girls can look through and pick the style they want.  
Plus naming would be fun and helpful.
So I have a few that will be in our book...

Isabelle is our model for this style, we have decided to go with the name Double Helix

Here we have a french braid from the side, I believe this one we decided to call Around the World

Grace is rocking Japanimation with ribbons, ribbons are optional

This is Twin Twisters

A Valentine's day special Happy Heart

 Puppy Dog Ears we have been doing these since Hannah was 4 (she's 13 March 31st)

This is the Tuck-a-roo (most females have another name) its just a ponytail not pulled thru on the last pull.

 We haven't named this one yet, but everyone seems to love it as much as I do!!

I love doing their hair. But these fun ones come when the girls say... 'Mommy do one you haven't done before'  so I have to get creative!!
 The thing is, I only have about 30-35 minutes to do all 3 girls (Isabelle, Eva, Grace) hair. So creativity must happen fast, sometimes they are way better looking in my head!

My favorite question that all of my girls that currently go to school have asked  "Mom, who taught you how to do hair so good?" I tell them I taught myself. I want my girls to look pretty so I do whatever it takes it make them smile (and of course I have to like also).

Do you have a hair style that is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interesting things I have done


Interesting things I have done in my life

1. Started collecting key chains when I was 11 years old.
I still have my collection, I currently have 787.

2. I was/am addicted to scrapbooking. 
At first all I made were handmade scrapbooks, now I make digital scrapbooks and mail them to people I care about. 
3. I have been to the Bahamas.
My husband and I went for our honeymoon. It was all its cracked up to be and more to me.

4. I danced on stage with Chubby Checker.
When I was a girl, my dad took to me to see Chubby Checker, I was 'doing the Twist so well he called me to the stage!

5. Given birth without pain medication (multiple times).

6. Attended a Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan.
My husband surprised me with a weekend getaway (he found sitters) for my birthday. I love tulips!

7. Had a shark bump my leg.
While on our honeymoon, in Daytona. On that same beach 30 minutes after I felt that bump, a 250 lb. man got his leg bit off by a shark .

8. Took 7 of my kids to Disneyland.
It was my husband I's first time also.

9. Made up multiple hairstyles for my daughters.
I am currently working on a book of hairstyles.

10. Shaved my head.
Like Sinead O'Connor!! 
 If you had to make a list like this one would it be longer then this?