Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say Cheese!

First let me apologize for so many days away from my blog ... I will attempt to keep up better!!
Thank you to my frequent readers!!

I love to take pictures...
I take pictures of weird things, and fun things, and big things, and yummy things.... but most of all I love taking pictures of my kids! (don't all parents?)

So my 2 youngest, always ask to use the other camera to take pictures of each other and many other things around the house.

Here I took some pictures of them using the camera... (so adorable to me)...

2 years old

3 years old

I wanted to see how hey were doing so I looked at the pictures they had taken pretty impressive...

2 year old taking after her mom
Ok so she didn't move her finger, but I showed her the mistake and she learned quickly from it...

She took an excellent picture of her sister spinning in a circle as a part of her dance!!

3 year old giving the camera a whirl
Ok so her first try she thought he could dance with her sister while taking her picture.... ooops, but again i showed her the mistake and told her how to do better and.....
GREAT job... I love messy face pictures!!

So they wanted to take a few more and here is the picture they chose to take...
2 yr old took

3 yr old took

I was really impressed with this next one that we both clicked at the same time!!!...

I had fun learning how the kids see things, and I really enjoyed catching some on film... hope you did too!!

How many undeveloped rolls of film do you have laying around?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Control Freak

Do you know a Control Freak?
Of course you do.... Me!

But I meant other then me...

They have to have things done their way, in the time frame they think is the correct amount of time.

They do not like people to challenge what they say is right.

They do not like to watch their friends or family 'live and learn' they just want others to listen to- the correct thing they should do.

They like their house cleaned a certain way or they consider it WRONG!

Their kids have to wear the clothes they think are the best choice.

and so, so much more....

To start with life really isn't as serious as control freaks make it!!

I often wonder to myself(usually after my meltdown), why I get so worked up over something being done differently then I thought it should have been.

However, sometimes (probably more often then not) when something is done other then the way I believe is right, things go wrong (which is what I anticipate hence my reason for wanting to control it).

Is this something that can be outgrown? Is this something that ruins friendships?
probably- is what I guess as the answer to both.

As much as I would love to say all bad things about control freaks, the truth is, they are needed.

There are many people (and I am sure you know someone in this category) that do not get things done, or care to excel, unless there is someone (usually a control freak) in their ear being particular.

Control freaks help hoarders handle their mess, control freaks help children on the wrong path find their way, control freaks usually help others to attempt to better themselves.

There are ups and downs just like everything else... I guess...

But since I have a control issue myself... of course I find the good :)

Again I ask, Do you know a control freak? (besides me)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A nickname can be a shortened or modified variation on a person's real name, used simply for convenience.
Since my name is Heather, there isn't a nickname that is common for Heather. Which I like.

Some of the many different types of nicknames are:

 Initials -using the first letters of a person's first and last name. Such as JR for Jackson Royce, KC for Kelly Katherine
Title -They may refer to a person's occupation, social standing, or title. Such as Sparky for an Electrician
Physical Characteristics -such as chubby, beanpole

Personality -Talkative:"Motormouth","Chatterbox"

Name Portions - only using some of real name. Such as Chris for Christopher, or Belle for Isabelle

Relationship - usually a term of endearment. Such as Babe, Sweetie, Lovee

With the exception of jokingly, and terms of endearment for my husband, I like to use people's complete first name.

6 of my 8 kids could totally have a nickname (when I say nickname I mean shortened version of their full name).... EX. Jacob could go by Jake.  I prefer to use their full name.

I do not think it is wrong to use nicknames, they are just not my preference.

I have a dear friend of mine that gives everyone a nickname, it is one of the things I love about her and will always remember. She has many for me, but the one she uses most is Chunky.

Just for the record I only like when she uses that nickname. I do however have a family member that always calls me (and writes on letters and such) Heath~ (not pronounced with the long E sound)

So there's my opinion on nicknames.

Thanks for stopping by
Chunky Heath~

Do you have a nickname? Do you prefer nicknames?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I was tickled to receive these Nike Air Max as my birthday gift (early my birthday is the end of this month). But I noticed that there seemed to be many different styles of Nikes in our house.

I didn't realize that Nikes were so loved around our house
This is not even all of them.... I was too lazy to go into everyone closet and get the others.

These are newest Nikes to come into our house...
Jaime's (bottom) Jon's, Hannah's, Julie's, Mine

I have so many topics for blogs, but I really have been slacking in the gumption department... so I took some pictures of our cool Nikes and decided to use as filler one day... today was that day.
I will have some fun and interesting topics soon so please check back.

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe?

Sunday, April 10, 2011



I have a small (when I say small I really mean ridiculous) obsession with books, mostly children's books.

We have a few favorites here at the Feagain household...

A gift from Grandma Regular (aka my Mom)

another gift from my Mom to my kids, it's a little beat up but still a favorite!!

 We have multiple copies of this one... my Aunt loves this book so much she gives a copy to almost every child born in her family.
This set is from my all time favorite book company... Usborne

Some of my favorite books as a child... I still have and I love seeing my kids enjoy them!
This is my original book from when I was 6

this is also from my shelf as child

sadly this one isn't a Heather shelf original but I found it and bought!!

my husband favorite childhhood story
 In our sitting room we have a shelf with a nice array books for everyone...
rescued this book from a used book store for $5, it has some great information in it.

of course we have this set!

and everyone should own this set and read them often!! (I cannot go to school today said little Peggy Ann McKay, I have the measles and the mumps a gash a rash and purple bumps...)

these 3 books are extremely awesome!! they were a gift from a wonderful friend/fellow book lover
My daughter brought this book home from school and she INSISTED that I read it... it is one of her favorite books she's read, Julie and I concur. I INSIST everyone should read this book!!

Thrilled to see that least a few of my kids have my love for books, I am hopeful that most, if not all, will grow to love them.

What is your favorite childhood/present book??

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upcoming Teen Party

The time has finally come.... I have a teenager!

Ok well not technically for a week, but Hannah and Jacob are having a combo party this Friday!
Both of them were permitted to invite up to 9 friends (I am secretly hoping only 2 friends of each show).

So, I find myself wanting to plan a party with games and a theme. Sadly I was informed those things are not cool when you're in middle school!

But I keep thinking What the H are all these middle school kids gonna do???
I came up with a 'Kool" idea... a scavenger hunt. The kind with riddles to get them from point A to point B.
(do not be impressed I looked up at least half of the riddles online)

I need to have something to entertain the smaller kids while the 'teens and preteens' are doing their thing. So Julie, Jaime, and I have come up with clues for a scavenger hunt for them as well.

Now all I have to do is come up with good prizes. They have to be 'Awsm' or I may embarrass Jacob and Hannah.

We have been informed that pizza is cool and cake is not.

Pop is cool and water is not.

I am pretty sure I will be told to stop taking so many pictures, but of course I will keep snapping away!

As excited as I am for this party, I can honestly say I am sad to welcome the teen years. I have heard and slightly remember that teens hate their parents and think everything they say is wrong!

In my head (aka fantasy land), I envision that all my honesty and bluntness will help us get through these difficult years with less pain then I inflicted upon my Mom.

Guess only time will tell!

For now I just need to focus on this upcoming party, and try to keep it...

I would love any budget friendly 'kool' prize ideas you may have.

Monday, April 4, 2011


We were told that everything is bigger in Texas!
Well, in most cases that we have come across, this has been true and usually a good thing.
Such as the prizes at the carnival...
The highways are 6-7 lanes wide instead of the small 3 lane highways I have drove on.

The houses are bigger, ok maybe not all of them, but this one is...

However.... the exception that we have seen is ever so creepy!

At the first house we lived in Texas, we had to share our property with this lovely and EXTREMELY LARGE fellow. When I say EXTREMELY LARGE I mean the size of an egg!

 As a matter of fact, I tried to go in the back yard to see it myself and I was too freaked out!
Jon had to take these pictures for me!!

I have looked several times to identify this luck sorry. I named him Scary Harry.

So we move to this new house and we have a new little fellow to share the patio with.... eeeeeek
 (click on the picture to enlarge)

wolf spider ~among the top 10 deadliest spiders check it out

I was ABSOLUTELY not the person that put the lighter the first night (that was Jaime's brave self) or the ipod the second night (that was Julie's crazy self getting that close AHHHHH) that he blessed us with his presence!!!

This fast and furious mega bug (looked like a beetle or cockroach) was on the step outside Nathan's Apartment.
Sorry the pic is so blurry, I do not like bugs so getting this pic wasn't easy for me.

I wish I could have got him to stand still for a comparison pic, but it was as long as my index finger
Bugs creep me out. But spiders.... OH MY GOODNESS get them away from me!!!

Can you identify the first spider?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Puppet Show

Uncle Aaron had a great idea... he had the kids get socks to decorate for a puppet show!

I wanted to share this full of laughs event.

There were 3 different stories Grandpa-far-away's favorite childhood story Cat in the Hat, one of my favorite childhood stories The Monster at the end of the book, and I forget who's favorite childhood story, Beauty and the Beast.
behind the scene...( curtain)

next group waiting as patiently as possible to tell their story