Saturday, December 29, 2012


Since this blog is mostly for my kids to read one day, I decided that it would be a fun run down memory lane to read about what they liked, did etc...
So I asked each of my kids (not Leo obviously) to share some things about themselves.

I will feature one child per post.

I hope you enjoy.

Today I have decided to start with my oldest.

Jacob writes...
  • I like playing Mind Craft
  • My favorite food is fish.
  • I love the color green.
  • My favorite subjects are algebra and geometry this year.
  • I will graduate in 2016.
  • I like to build things.
  • I got my Christmas present really early, an iPhone.
  • I dislike people eating near me when its not a meal.
  • One of my pet peeves is people eating with their mouth open.
  • Most of my friends are younger then me.
  • 'Flake' (Blake) has been my friend for a very long time.
  • I have a habit of chewing gum at school.
  • I usually fall asleep during church on Sundays.
  • I have brown eyes with other splashes of color in them.
  • I don't care about music.

 He kept it very simple and to the point.
I remember when Jacob was a baby, and I thought it will be forever until this awesome boy will not let me hug and kiss him. I actually told Jon "He loves me so much and I love him so much, he will never be embarrassed by my hugs and kisses". Well here he is at 14, and I know that if I hugged him or kissed him at any given point, he would not care. He is, and always will be my baby.
I am so lucky to have a son that has a heart so kind, and a mouth that is strong enough not to take anyone's nonsense. I am teary eyed at the very thought of him being 18 in just 4 short years. I hope to grow before then, because the thought of him leaving my house (even if chances are, he will return at some point) just breaks my heart.
My first born has a very special place in my heart. I love you son!

Do you have any questions about Jacob? 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things not to do

I have been making mental lists ever since I became a parent. Lists of things to remember, things I need to pick up, things my kids like, things that cause drama, etc...
However my longest list (and funniest) I wanted to share with you... 

Funny things NOT to do

*Never match socks
My kids would rather wear mismatched socks - DEFINITELY NOT matched ones so why waste my time.
*Do not leave clothes that are too small for your baby/child in their dresser.
Or THE day you ask your husband to help you get the kids ready while you get yourself ready so your not late- BAM .... he finds that outfit out the ENTIRE dresser.

*Never tell your teenage child you will help them with their homework.
Because you really will not remember learning that from middle/high school.

*Do not assume just because you fed your teenage son 5 minutes ago that he is full.

*Never think skinny jeans mean you have to be skinny to fit them.

*Do not believe your daughter with pufflicious hair will handle her hair herself as a teen.
She will convince you that you do a much better job.

*Do not assume just because they passed the tests at school, that kids can actually tell time on clocks that are not digital.

*Never trust your child has brushed their teeth every night/morning without you bothering them.
As a matter of fact, that also goes for deodorant.

*Never tell someone your baby waves and says bye-bye.
He will wait until completely out of the site of the person to actually wave and say bye-bye.

*Do not bother asking the kids if they made their bed.
It's always made, they either sleep on the floor or sleep on top of covers to avoid making their bed.

*Never get your hopes up that a family portrait of 11, will have everyone smiling nicely.
There is always one (or more) that make a crazy face.     

There are so many more and I may blog again about this same topic, as I am sure my list will continue to grow over the years. Hope you enjoyed this short list.

I would love to know if y'all have any DO NOT things that you mental list. Please share. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Perfect Mom?

I have heard a phrase lately that isn't a very nice one, so I decided to share a list and my feelings about this phrase-

What kind of mom....

*forgets a kid at home
*bottle feeds /breast feeds
*will let their kids drink soda
*send their kids outside alone
*spanks their kids
*yells at their kids
*goes out and leaves her kids with a sitter
*makes kids do chores
*gives their kids chips for breakfast
*doesn't clean her house better
*let's her kids wear crazy clothes in public
*let's their kids play video games on school nights
*allows their kids to back talk
*feed their kids lots of junk
*smokes around her kids
*naps while her kids watch TV
*use profanity in front of their kids
*let their babies have pacifiers for yeas
*allows their kids to walk or ride their bike blocks away

I could go on and on.

I have done many of the above listed either now or at some point in my parenting years. I have also thought to myself (and even said to friends or family) 'how could she'.
Until I myself opened my eyes, and my heart and realized... everyone is fighting their own battle.

How crazy is it that some of the exact things I thought or said 'I will never...', or 'I can't believe...' I FOUND MYSELF DOING?! yep. you know you are guilty of the same thing!

We have no right. It brings me back to a blog I did called, Judgement.
NO MOM is perfect, everyone of us has a flaw. Please be kinder to fellow parents, as we all are learning, all the time. (I am speaking to myself as well, I am striving to be a better parent and a better person).

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Things I would like to do

10 Things I would like to do

Everyone has things they would like to do, however a lot of people do not make lists. I read that making lists actually helps you accomplish the things you want to do. No matter if it is a daily list, a weekly list or a long term goals list. So I thought I would share my long term goals list.
I would like to....

  1. Own my own business. I have always wanted a restaurant, but lately that has changed. Some of children are so picky and opinionated, that I do not know if I have think enough skin for people telling me or others they do not like my dishes. I have a few ideas.. a little girls spa, photo editing company, real estate company, or a consignment shop.
  2. Ride on a sailboat. I have been on a speed boat, a pontoon boat and a cruise ship, but never a sailboat. I think they are beautiful as well as interesting. 
  3. Lose 100 pounds. I am obese. Probably, because I love food way more then I love to workout. I have lost and gained many times, but as of recently I have been trying 2 new avenues (I will share, but not until they show great results). 
  4. Own a Jeep Wrangler.  A friend of mine owns one of these, and I have wanted one ever since. They are comfortable, high off the ground, large, smooth ride and easy to drive. Oh how I long to own one of these! 
  5. Attend all 9 of my kids Graduation. They are all on a path to graduate, but sometimes things happen. 
  6. Travel to Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. I have Italian and Scottish history, my husband (and obviously our kids) have Irish history. Australia is just very appealing to me because of the foods, the animals, and the AWESOME very different then I'm used to, lingo.
  7. Take our family of 11 to Disney. I love family pictures, and having one with all 11 of us standing in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom would be the icing on my wall!
  8. Buy a vacation home. A vacation home in another country would be my favorite, but having one in Hawaii, Florida, or California would be great also. I think having a place that we can share with our kids as they become families and start to vacation would be a great way to have stories to pass down.
  9. Be a Grandmother. Many of my friends are already grandmothers, and I love hearing and reading their excitement. My mom was a fantastic Grandma. I only hope to be the Grandma she was.
  10. Have a vow renewal celebration. I am lucky, blessed, and completely grateful to have married the most amazing, loving, attractive, perfect mate for me! I would love a celebration to commit myself to him again! (of course the beautiful dresses, the lovely hairstyles, the fantastic decorations, dancing, and laughing with loved ones are added bonus!!)
 Do you have a list of things you want to do? Please share!

10 Things I have done

10 Things I have done

I am not extremely interesting. Nor have I done many interesting things. But I dug deep and found 10 things I have done that are somewhat interesting.
 I have....

  1. Attended a Tulip Festival.  Tulips have been my favorite flower since I can remember.  My husband surprised me with a 4 day weekend getaway to Holland, Michigan. There were tulips EVERYWHERE! It was one of the most beautiful places I could ever imagine. I found a very unique tulip in a field of millions.... 
  2. Experienced 3 different types of child delivery.  Natural was my favorite delivery. I felt like wonder woman. I have delivered with epidural, without epidural (all natural) and c-sections.        
  3. Danced on stage with Chubby Checker. When I was small my Dad took me to a free concert for Chubby Checker. The twist is easy enough for a kid and I was so excited that I was getting really into it, so he grabbed my hand and pulled me on stage to dance with him!                          
  4. Been to the Bahamas.  My husband planned and kept everything a secret. One place we went during our 12 day honeymoon was, the Bahamas. Absolutely loved the clear water, seeing seahorses, and watching Jon play basketball with the natives, barefoot!                                        
  5. Had a shark bump into my leg.  While in Daytona (another honeymoon destination) a shark bumped into my leg, when I was only in the water waist deep. YIKES!                                        
  6. Have put together over 37 scrapbooks Scrap-booking is a great way to display all the fun and love our family shares. We own 37 scrapbooks of the ones I have made. I have also made many for gifts. I anticipate many, many more!                                                                                          
  7. Enjoyed Disney World with 7 of our kids.  Best family vacation we have ever had!! We experienced a "magical moment", that is where a group of staff pick your family to have extra special something. LilyKate was a baby, but the rest of the kids remember so many details.           
  8. Moved 1300 miles from my hometown.  Everyone and everything I have known most of my life is in Ohio. We love when family and friends come visit, but Texas is our home now. We love the people, the sunshine, and the diversity here!                                                                      
  9. Made a tradition.  Every year we take pictures of our kids and make a holiday postcard. We love them and we love the response we get when all our friends and family receive them.           
  10. Shaved my head I used to LOVE Sinéad O'Connor, so I shaved my head like her. It was awesome to see the shock on people's faces, but it wasn't so great waiting for it to grow back
Sinéad O'Connor 
Have you done many interesting things? Please Share!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching up

Just a plain post to catch up.

I haven't posted in over a year, but I have been taking pictures and creating memories to share on this blog.
I am hopeful that I will come back strong and keep at my blog.
I want to thank my readers for encouraging me to get back to it, and for those of you that are new I hope you enjoy keeping up with our family.
Since my last post I have added an amazing baby boy to our already large family. He turns 1 year old tomorrow. This year seems to have flown past.

 Jacob is now in 9th grade. Being a freshmen seems pretty easy for him. He is very creative and he impresses me regularly with the cool items he makes and they work!!

 Hannah is in 8th grade and as always she handles school work with ease. At school she is in a program called PALs it stands for Peer Assistance and Leadership. It is a very elite group of students, that are selected. Out of hundreds of applicants, they accept 24. Reading is her favorite past time except now a lot of it is done on her iPhone.

 Michael is in 5th grade. His newest addition to his wardrobe are his glasses. He looks very handsome in them. He gets A's and B's in school.  Video games and legos are his ideal entertainment.

 Isabelle is also in 5th grade. She is in Art Club at school. (You have to be selected). She is also in Girls Club. She does very well in school. She likes to have a salon in our bathroom or play school as long as she is the teacher.

 Eva is in 3rd grade. She is an extraordinary student. She enjoys crafts and workbooks.

 Grace is in 2nd grade. She is an outstanding student. She enjoys singing and dancing.

LilyKate is in kindergarten. She started the year at a very low level. She is now right on track. She enjoys playing with her tea set and wearing her dress up clothes.

Annelise is 4 years old. She is extremely smart. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Playing the iPad is her favorite.

Leo is spoiled by everyone since he is the last baby. He loves to throw things and he is surfing the furniture still. He loves food, among his favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges, and avocados.

 Jon is in his 30's. He is excited that his business is doing well. Adhere Creative now has 3 employees. Jon plays volley ball 2-3 days a week. Some of his favorites are hugs from his kids, snuggling me, and Starbucks.

(right to left) Joan, Me, Sherayne, Laura, and Carrie

Me and Leslie

Dawna and I
 And then there is Me.
I am too old to mention. I am extremely proud of my family and love them all dearly. I made friends with many wonderful people in this last year. I cannot believe we have been in Texas for 2 and half years! I love company (yes that is a hint).

Well there you have it, the first of many blogs now that I have returned.

Whats new in your life? I would love to know.