Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pinterest -Strongly recommended

How often are you bored and don't know what to do? I am constantly trying to come up with something to do.

I don't know how anyone lives without Pinterest. For those of you who don't know about Pinterest, I'll catch you up. Pinterest is a virtual pin board. 
It caters to everyone's likes and interests. A visual representation:

If you love to laugh, look no further.
This one made me laugh for like 20 minutes

Foodies love Pinterest, too. There are delicious recipes for any occasion.
Including feeding picky eaters!

For those of you artists/DIY lovers, Pinterest is proven to be the never ending pit of projects.

I want to try this one.

Let your child's inner Da Vinci shine through with the great crafts on Pinterest.

I'm talking hours of entertainment.

Not to mention all the cute/gorgeous pictures you can see.

Amazing, right?

And that's still just barely scraping the surface.
I was considering put my favorite pins at the bottom of this blog, but there would be too many!
If you don't have a Pinterest, I strongly suggest that you get one. 

Signing off,
AKA Pindiana Jones

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Family

As I was looking through my photos, my thoughts wandered.

Man, we sure do love our kids!!

 I was allowed to highlight 2 shows a day in the TV guide, every Sunday when Mom was done memorizing the great deals at every store around. That was the extent to what I was allowed to watch.
Our kids have less TV time then most of their friends, but more then I feel is needed.

Playing video games was so rare. Tetris was my game of choice. On Nintendo (yes the original).
Some of our kids act as though they will melt into a blob of gooey slime if they have to go 2 days without video games.

They have chores, but nothing as straining as washing the floors on hands and knees, or mowing the grass. I did both of those by age 10.

Each has one chore that is strictly their own, and I call out names as something small needs attention.
I never make it from point A (let's say the living room recliner) to point B (let's say the kitchen) without picking up something. Its a habit I love about myself, and also hope my children take notice and begin to make this a habit of their own.

People often say "You have your hands full", I feel like the only time my hands are fuller then other parents is when my kids slack on their chores.

Yes we have to take roll call every time we get in the van, yes we have to line up 11 plates every night for dinner, yes we have to schedule showers, but this feels so normal to us. 

I find it odd when we only have 4 kids home for dinner, I find it quiet when there are only 5 kids in the house, I feel like we are on a date when we only have 2 kids run to the store with us.

Our kids are so lucky to have each other, being an only child was lonely, boring, and not to mention it meant I had no one to blame anything on! haha

Being in a large family makes some outsiders look at our kids with pity… HA

We have more pictures, more game nights, more laughs, more parties, more family discussions, more compliments, more love and lots more hugs then the average size family. 
We feel like we hit the kid lottery, not only are they healthy, happy, and well behaved, they are kind, giving, entertaining, and just plain awesome!!

How do you feel about big families?

Friday, January 17, 2014

A kids view


Recently my mom learned how to crochet and I feel like thats all she does anymore. Thats why I had to write this blog for her.

But at least I'm getting a blanket out of it.IM SO EXCITED!!!!! My mom is making this really cool blanket for me.

This is called a granny square , mom is going to make 88 of these squares and in all different colors ,too.

Then sow them all together and voila, my blanket.

She is also making my sister Eva a blanket, hers looks like the picture above. Isn't it cute? Its called a double stitch. 
Her blanket is all purple.

Just one more to show, this is LilyKate's blanket. It has more colors than Eva's, but less than mine. Her stitch is called petite shell.

But she does not just make blankets, she makes cute scarfs like both of these! this stitch is called shell.

And this pot holder. 
This stitch is also the double stitch.

Well, I guess I can't say thats all she does. She gets on Heavenly Steals (My Aunt Barb told her about it) and gets cute books like this.
 We also got this free Joyce Meyer calendar from there, also.  But I have to admit I love it, too!

And she folds all of the laundry, which I guess is a pretty big job because there are 11 of us!

But something she did was really cool, she made homemade hot coco mix! It's Delectable!

Thanks for reading,
Your new temporary blogger, 

Do you know how to make a blanket?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tea Party

Tea Party!!

LilyKate loves her tea set, she wants to have a tea party a few times a week.

So we invited her sisters and a couple friends to come over for a fancy tea party!

LilyKate was tickled with the last minute decorations we found.

I told her we can make invites for her next Tea Party. As much as this excited her I wish I hadn't mentioned it, she begs me everyday to make the invites for the next one!!

I also need to find her another glass tea set before the next Tea Party, especially since she wants to send out invites for a bigger party!

I was excited that I had a friend come to the tea party, so I could enjoy some adult conversation!!

Any suggestions for our next Tea Party?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blog Ideas

Oh happy day!!

I have so many ideas for blogs but I feel like my mind cannot translate them into words.

I really love making these smiley lunch plates for the kids.

Just looking at this picture makes me smile. I love the colors, the healthiness, and it shows creativity.

That is all.

Have a great day.

What kind of questions do you have for this mother of 9?
I would love to answer some in upcoming blogs.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Sometimes some quiet time with no one else around to just think, reflect on things, choices we have made, is essential to our growth.

Our mistakes are the best tool (if used properly) to help us grow.

I have made so many mistakes in my life!
Some small, and some so large I never thought I would bounce back.

Recently, I have taken more and more time to evaluate the things I say, my actions and my choices.

As a mother and wife I believe women need to schedule time (even if just an hour) each day, to reflect.
This time, no matter how long, will help us be better mothers, wives, friends, daughters, etc... (same goes for men)

Being a stay at home mom, is not as 'peaches and cream' as some would like to believe.

There are days that I am so overwhelmed with chores, I wish for a maid. But realize a maid wouldn't even handle the chores that mostly overwhelm me. Such as laundry, meal planning, organizing the craft cupboard, and for goodness sakes matching socks!!!!

There are days that I have appointments, errands and still have to fit lunch for the littles. Not to mention its definitely not my favorite getting 2 kids in and out their car seats every stop, while remembering to grab my keys, purse, usually a cup and locking the van.

Anyone else feels like making dinner is emotionally draining? I have 11 people that I am trying to please without making 3 different meals. That is almost impossible. 

Ok so, as I go over all the difficulties of my 'job',  I feel bad, I have so many perks and benefits.

Oh that is the reflection I am speaking of.... I am reflecting as I type this blog.

See just a few quiet moments, and its like all the good comes flooding, why is it that we (you know you do it too) fight off the good and try to find or dwell on the things that upset us, or bring us back to the frustration?  I don't have an answer, but I have been working really hard to find the good and push away the bad.

I have chose to make this change mostly based from different things I have read. My devotionals, inspirational quotes app on my phone and e-cards on social media.  Have you read this one on Facebook or Instagram?

Its one of my favorites.

This really hit me. At the time we are living the difficult moments, it feels as though we are falling deeper into a black hole then ever before. But once it passes, and it ALWAYS DOES, looking back always shows a lesson, if we look for it.

So when I allow myself to dwell on the negative, essentially that only prolongs the upset.
Deciding to look for and focus on the good, no matter how small ALWAYS, yes always helps the difficult moments pass more smoothly. 

Please take time each day to reflect, and find the positive in your life, in your day and in your difficult moments.
I truly believe it will bring brighter days!

"Happiness is choice." 
Someone said this to me on day I was choosing to be angry, that day I didn't like that sentence nor did I believe it.
Today, I agree and encourage you tell yourself that when you feel like its not an option.

How often do you take time to reflect?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to get kids to take a nap

Have you ever...

Love Daddy

Ps. Mom I published 2.

Mom, I know you're busy but....

Hey Mommy,

So many days have passed with no new blog posts...

Mom, what is your slacking problem?

I really need to read your blog, its the only thing that reminds me I am not the only crazy person.

I better see some blog posts flowing here real soon or I am gonna start reading other blogs!!

I really like the blogs that make me laugh, like Big Ballin'

Your blog is a great way for all of us kids to reminisce all the great times we have experienced.

The serious blog posts will help us when we are having our own issues
 (thats when we are grown of course)

I am so excited to read and see pics of everything else you have listed to blog about!!

You are my favorite Mommy!! Thank you so much for trying your hardest to keep at your blog.

No pressure, but get busy ASAP!! 

I love you Mommy, and all of us love your Blog.
Hugs and Kisses,

Will you please tell Mommy if you like her blog, there is a comment section below, thank you!