More about me

Most of my 30 some years were spent in Akron Ohio, but I am currently (and hopefully always will be) in Houston Texas. I am an only child that connected with my many cousins as though they were my siblings. Both my parents have passed away, my Dad when I was 18 and my mom when I was 30.  I am married to an amazing man, Jon.  We have been together for over 16 years and we have 9 children. Our kids are very close in age.

Some days life is crazy, some days are completely overwhelming, but most days are full of fun interesting family-ness!

As a very opinionated and blunt person, some may worry about the content of my blog, no worries because everything I blog about will one day be for my children. Therefore, I will not have topics I am ashamed or embarrassed that I posted.

Our kids, each have their own special personality that they bring to the family. I hope you enjoy hearing about all the fun and crazy happenings with my family as well as random topics that come to my mind (a scary mess of things in there).

 If you have any Questions or Comments please email me at

A fun journey awaits all of us..