Sunday, May 29, 2011


What is so different?

Is my age what makes the divide?

Is it new surroundings?

Could it be the change in plans?

So many questions and yet even with the answers the only one that can change it, is me!!

More questions that will be answered only with time, that run through my head...

How will this affect my kids?

Will the oddness eat at me?

Can I continue to make my husband happy?

Some days I feel like I'm dreaming

Some days I feel the excitement I have felt in the past.

Some days I am angry over every little thing!!

2 phrases come to mind through all of these questions, doubts and emotions....

*everything happens for a reason

*this too shall pass

Nothing is usually as serious as it feels in the moment... Hopefully I can think of this often and be more laid back during all these questions, doubts and emotions!

Do you ever feel like this?

Friday, May 20, 2011


So I meant to take a picture to show but I forgot, ok I was to excited (and hungry)to even think about taking a picture... We had Kolaches for breakfast!! They are delicious.

But to my surprise (while visiting Ohio in November) I discovered that there different kinds of Kolaches. The ones we eat since we moved to Houston, are like a roll filled with yumminess!
Such as egg, bacon and cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms, Italian chicken....etc...

The ones I seen (and of course tasted) were sweet and very small and cookie like.

Both are fantastic to me!!

Have you ever had either of the these Kolaches? A different kind?

Monday, May 16, 2011

A year ago we didn't know

A year ago, Jon and I had no idea we would be living any place other than our much loved house on Hoover, in Ellet, Ohio.

We were hanging out with all of our great family and friends as we have always done.

Had I known that some of these lasts events, would be the last get together or hang out, I would have taken more pictures, hugged and laughed more.

I have gone through our pictures from a year ago and sadly I do not have pictures of many loved ones before we knew we were leaving (I only wanted real smiles, not clouded with sadness smiles).

Miss you all, even if you're not pictured!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sandy Giggles

One day (while in Florida) Jon decided that he was going to the beach and taking anyone that wanted to help, and building a sand castle as big as Samuel!

So off 13 of us headed to the beach....

The sand castle crew went straight to work...
moving wet sand to the pile...

trying to shape the pile..

the master mind behind the castle...
Since there were so many people working on the sand castle, and LilyKate and Annelise were not interested I sat down near them and started digging a hole just to entertain myself...

then Julie stopped helping with the sand castle and I had a brilliant idea....

I told her to start digging a hole about 3 feet from mine and we could tunnel them towards each other...

Sometime, some how Jon ended up working on my tunnel...
Once we made it to one another.. I stuck the camera down in the hole to get a cool pic...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Ballin'

While in Destin Florida, we scheduled a shopping day so all the kids could spend their hard earned allowance that they have saved up for about a year. That shopping day just happened to be my 36th birthday!

Since the kids had their own money they could spend as crazy as they wanted.

As we were about half way through our shopping fun, we came across the neatest thing any of us had seen... The Human Hampster Ball!

It looked so fun that all the kids that had enough money were willing to spend theirs, and well the rest of the kids, Jon and Jaime.... we spent our money just to have the pictures!!!

I am only sharing a few of the pics from the extreme amount we took.. but I hope you enjoy...
you climb in, he seals the ball, then fills it up with air, Eva said it hurt her ears a little
Samuel making a splash... cool thing is you don't get wet AT ALL!
Hannah all pretzeled out

OH YEAH Jacob mid slam

Grace seems to have it... but only for a second

 the most fond position for most of our crew.. Jaime falls with such style and ease

Jon making a massive splash, after his failed attempt to run like a hampster

Isabelle ROCKED that Hampster ball, she was titled Best Hampster of the Day , by the attendant
I couldn't have asked for, or planned a more entertaining birthday event!!

This was the most talked about adventure of our trip the rest of that day, and still now that we are home. Our topic at dinner one night was 'what was your favorite thing about vacation', it was unanimous ....The Hampster Ball.. of course!!

Have you seen these? Have you ever tried them? Do you think you would love it??

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots of kids = FANTASTIC!!

Having eight kids isn't as hard as one would probably think.

This coming from someone that was dead set against having any kids before meeting the most amazing man AKA the 'Negotiator'.
My husband comes from a large family. He is one of eight, seven still living.   I am an only child. So I was (like most only children) somewhat spoiled, bratty, and self consumed. The thought of sharing my things and my time with a kid... eeewww.  My husband seen things differently, (and thank goodness he taught me to also). So we had my son Jacob and he was THE most amazing thing I had ever enjoyed that far in my life. He was only a day old (I was still in the hospital) and Jon was already asking for another baby!!

And again and again... and here we are with 8!

I have a really hard time picturing my life with no kids or less kids (ok some days I can picture less, when they are being impossible) . Each and everyone brings a different joy to my heart!
A lot of my friends and family think we are crazy, but I don't care... these kids are great now and I believe they will always be great (yes even when they are mouthy teenagers) not to mention they will have each other to turn to as they grow up.

I imagine people with 1-2 kids and wonder what vacations are like with their family, or what it is like when their WHOLE family goes to the grocery store, and I even wonder what it's like when they go out to dinner at a restaurant.

I imagine it is very different then our family.  But I like all the memories and laughs we have from all these events and will continue to have and share for years to come!

I believe I have been blessed with an amazing family and I may be controlling and mean sometimes but they are my world and I love them more then anything!!!

Do you think you would enjoy a family as large as ours? Or do you think we are crazy?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It all started many moons ago, that my husband wanted to go to Starbucks for a yummy coffee.

Now he has his 'usual' every time we go...  Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

Which I love also... but I try new things.. like when it's hot outside, I love to have the Java Chip Frappuccino.
I love the little chip pieces that are mixed all thru... but I really like the whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top!! YUUMM!
This particular visit to Starbucks, something new caught my eye on the menu...  A Tiramisu Cake Pop...

MAN OH MAN... talk about delicious!!! The bag that is came in said it ALL! Everyone should try this little cake pop, it's small but does the trick of handling that sweet craving!!!

I haven't had one yet but I seen that Starbucks has a flavor out that I most definitely want to try...
Mocha Coconut Frappuccino! Sounds delightful!!

What is your favorite Starbucks item?