Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots of kids = FANTASTIC!!

Having eight kids isn't as hard as one would probably think.

This coming from someone that was dead set against having any kids before meeting the most amazing man AKA the 'Negotiator'.
My husband comes from a large family. He is one of eight, seven still living.   I am an only child. So I was (like most only children) somewhat spoiled, bratty, and self consumed. The thought of sharing my things and my time with a kid... eeewww.  My husband seen things differently, (and thank goodness he taught me to also). So we had my son Jacob and he was THE most amazing thing I had ever enjoyed that far in my life. He was only a day old (I was still in the hospital) and Jon was already asking for another baby!!

And again and again... and here we are with 8!

I have a really hard time picturing my life with no kids or less kids (ok some days I can picture less, when they are being impossible) . Each and everyone brings a different joy to my heart!
A lot of my friends and family think we are crazy, but I don't care... these kids are great now and I believe they will always be great (yes even when they are mouthy teenagers) not to mention they will have each other to turn to as they grow up.

I imagine people with 1-2 kids and wonder what vacations are like with their family, or what it is like when their WHOLE family goes to the grocery store, and I even wonder what it's like when they go out to dinner at a restaurant.

I imagine it is very different then our family.  But I like all the memories and laughs we have from all these events and will continue to have and share for years to come!

I believe I have been blessed with an amazing family and I may be controlling and mean sometimes but they are my world and I love them more then anything!!!

Do you think you would enjoy a family as large as ours? Or do you think we are crazy?


  1. I thought of you the other day. My feelings had been hurt by a family member who told me I stress my husband out and that I was to cease asking him for another baby. Yeh I know...but I'm not brave enough to say what I was feeling. I need to move to Texas. Thank you for posting more pictures. The kids are amazingly beautiful and growing so much. :)

  2. i wish frank would have asked for a new baby that soon jealous lol but i at least talked him into another i wish i was pregnant right now lol