Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Ballin'

While in Destin Florida, we scheduled a shopping day so all the kids could spend their hard earned allowance that they have saved up for about a year. That shopping day just happened to be my 36th birthday!

Since the kids had their own money they could spend as crazy as they wanted.

As we were about half way through our shopping fun, we came across the neatest thing any of us had seen... The Human Hampster Ball!

It looked so fun that all the kids that had enough money were willing to spend theirs, and well the rest of the kids, Jon and Jaime.... we spent our money just to have the pictures!!!

I am only sharing a few of the pics from the extreme amount we took.. but I hope you enjoy...
you climb in, he seals the ball, then fills it up with air, Eva said it hurt her ears a little
Samuel making a splash... cool thing is you don't get wet AT ALL!
Hannah all pretzeled out

OH YEAH Jacob mid slam

Grace seems to have it... but only for a second

 the most fond position for most of our crew.. Jaime falls with such style and ease

Jon making a massive splash, after his failed attempt to run like a hampster

Isabelle ROCKED that Hampster ball, she was titled Best Hampster of the Day , by the attendant
I couldn't have asked for, or planned a more entertaining birthday event!!

This was the most talked about adventure of our trip the rest of that day, and still now that we are home. Our topic at dinner one night was 'what was your favorite thing about vacation', it was unanimous ....The Hampster Ball.. of course!!

Have you seen these? Have you ever tried them? Do you think you would love it??

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  1. ohhhh that was such a blast!!!! tiring but a blast!!!! I'm sooo glad we got to make these wonderful memories and can't wait to make many many more!!! LOVE YA