Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laughter makes my World go Round

My daughter Hannah doesn't like some of the songs I sing to entertain the babies.

My most recent song made Annelise so happy that she dances and sings along!

It all started becuz I couldn't understand what she was saying to me, but once I figured out that 'bony teese o up'  translated into bologna cheese roll up I was sooo excited.... I started singing...

Bologna and cheese rooolll up, bologna and cheese rooolll up 

while dancing to my beat. So now every time Annelise sings 'Bony and teese o up' I know what she wants!
 <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3

The older girls love playing dress up especially when they can get LilyKate and Annelise to play too.
Grace is stylin' a beautiful flower girl dress with a dance skirt as her veil

Some times LilyKate and Annelise want to play dress up when the older girls are busy, not interested, or not home. The results are the 2 little ones dressing up themselves... which is usually much more entertaining for me.

It is Isablle's night shirt, inside out and her body is through the arm hole
* ~   * ~   * ~   * ~   * ~   * ~   * ~   * ~   * ~  *

My most memorable laugh was when I we first moved into this house and I realized I hadn't seen Annelise for a bit and I was nervous and went looking for her...

Laughing? Well, I will also tell you this happened 3 times... must of felt like her own little clubhouse.


  1. I loved those days....seems my girl was more creative and adventurous than my boy! I found my girl in my room one day, she had emptied my sexy nighty drawer and had 5 or 6 of them on all at one time....what a hoot!!! And in our livingroom was an entertainment stand that had two cubbys with doors....that was her clubhouse...she would play for hours in them! In the kitchen where the dishwasher was until it broke down I put up a curtain til I could afford to replace the dishwasher....another clubhouse! Way to funny!
    As for the singing - when my son was little we had quite a few of the caught in the moments - He was about 5 and decided he wanted a peanut butter I came into the kitchen I caught him singing "I think I need some more peanut butter.....I think I need some more peanut butter...!!! And another time at grammy's (I loved to dance with themn) my boy and I were dancing and singing (making our own music...nothing was playing) as we were twirling around, dippin and dancin I looked up to find the meter man standing at the door watching and laughing!!! I loved those memories they are my favorites!! It is good that you write them down......20 some years from now when they are grown and out on their own you will sit and read what you wrote and you will live in that moment all over again!

  2. i remember the funny days like when itold jon when he was bragging about his cooking and i told him how it seemmed there was a little to much yeast in his bread i dont have to many funny things from my kiddo yet other then when she laughs haha funny little laughs

  3. Aww yes the infamous humor we get from our kids. They can lighten a mood without even knowing it. :)

  4. Love this post! They are great!