Sunday, January 2, 2011


Something that bothers me about being a Mother and watching my friends as Mothers... judgement... worrying about being judged, and passing judgement. (ok I am aware some cases are serious)

If I am yelling at my child and someone gives me that look,  I feel like I am doing something wrong. But if I don't correct my child (and yelling is my tactic) then I would get that same look for an unruly child.

Since I am less embarrassed by that look then most people, I am speaking for friends and family members that have a much harder time dealing with judgment.

EVERY Mom wishes she were perfect. However NO Mother is perfect, even if the part she plays appears that way. "Be kind, everyone is fighting their own battle."  This quote helps me, so I will give y'all my translation. Maybe just maybe that Mother that you seen smack her 12 year old son today, has more going then you see. Maybe she just lost her husband a week ago and her son his saying to her that it was her fault. You only seen the smack, and shot her that look!
Maybe you know someone personally that you don't like their way of discipline. But maybe she has a problem with you letting your 8 year old daughter ride her bike across a main road, or that you let your 13 year use profanity!
See everyone is different, we should help one another rather then judge.

I am a Mother of 8 children, I have changed my parenting many times over the years because of lessons learned and helpful tips from people that DID NOT judge me. I was a much more unorganized and over the top grouch with my 12 year old when he was 2, compared to how I am with my 2 year old today. I have many friends that I know, do not agree with my style of parenting, but they are still my friends. I have made many mistakes, as do most Moms. But life is not perfect, parenting is far from easy and never perfect.

Please try harder the next time you feel the urge to judge a parent on a single situation. (like I said before some cases are serious)

My Mother always said to me 'You're entitled to your opinion, even if it's wrong.'
She sure was a smart one.

Take Care and remember...
Be Kind, everyone is fighting their own battle.


  1. Im so glad you put this post! I can so relate to this. I get so mad when I come home from the store or something and Im near tears cuz Lidiya gave me a hard time and people turn and look at me like im a crappy mom for yelling or grabbing her hand! I get so upset and ray tells me all the time not to let it get to me!

  2. great post i totally agree w you!! and love the new layout :))))


  3. You're Good Girl keep posting!

  4. Love this post!!! You rock Heather:)