Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rockin' Routine

We have a large family but I don't think our routine is much different then most, but maybe.

Having a pretty strict routine is key in this house.
I will give y'all an idea of our daily and weekly routine with 10 of us in the house.

So I have decided to start off our the week on Sunday evening, right after the kids have all laid down for bed.
Jon and I are exhausted physically and mentally, we snuggle up on the couch to check the DVR to see what we haven't watched. Since it's 10pm we see that one of our favorite shows is ready to watch, Desperate Housewives.  (I know your wondering why) We used to live in a house on Hoover Ave in Akron and I swear it was Wisteria Lane!! From the beautiful ladies on the street, with their we are better then you attitude, to the occasional pretend to be your friend smile, including passing judgment on the new homeowner. So we enjoy comparing and renaming the characters. :)
After we have soaked up a couple hours of television and snuggle time we head to bed to start our week...

Each morning at 6:30 my phone screams get up (ok not really but that what I hear), so I get up get a shower and wake all kids at 6:45. They all have a morning routine including chores that need handled before school. (I know I am the meanest Mom ever)
Their routine (this routine starts at age 5) - get dressed, make bed, clean room, go down stairs for breakfast (they have cereal most days but sometimes I prepare boiled eggs the day before, or they can pull out pancakes that we froze Saturday), hair (I do all 6 girls hair and the boys style their own with gel), brush teeth, get on jackets, and backpacks. The elementary kids get in van and my husband takes them to school at 7:50.
Jacob and Hannah are in middle school, and they don't leave until 8:30, so they have another chore they do before school, empty the dishwasher, and take out the trash (we fill a 30gallon trash bag almost everyday).
Once the kids and Jon leave for the day, my busy day begins. I have a list I make for myself each day.
I always try to accomplish everything on my list and then some. I even have Facebook and playtime with the little ones on my list.

Every week day, except Friday, as soon as the elementary kids get home from school at 3:15 they grab a snack, and get to the table to start homework. I am very lucky to have Jon here (until 4:05 when he leaves to get the older kids), he keeps the little ones happy while I help with 2 kids homework then we switch and he helps 2 kids with homework. After homework they each put away their laundry that I have folded and sorted into stacks.  Jon starts dinner, while I get a small break in the office to blog, check email, check Facebook, or learn something new. (Except on Tuesdays Isabelle has dance). All the other kids play.

We all sit down at the table for dinner (no one is permitted to start eating until we are all sitting), during dinner each person at the table tells the best part of their day. Sometimes we have other topics such as... what do you want to be when you grow up?, who do you miss the most?, who is your hero?, where do you want to go for vacation?...etc..

After dinner everyone has a chore that needs to be done. We all meet up in the living room for family time (usually a movie or Wii, but sometimes we play games or wrestle with the kids... etc...).
Bath time next, Jon has always given the baths (I have a weird phobia, I will blog about that another time), only 3 of our kids still get baths, the rest prefer showers.

Our kids go to bed in sets, starting with the youngest at 8:00, then every half hour another 2 are tucked in by Dad. Once they are all in bed, Jon pulls out his computer and starts working, and I do many different things, but for at least an hour we watch a program from our DVR.

That's our week!
Weekends we have no routine we just do everything together. we go grocery shopping, we go for family walks, sometimes we have a talent show, sometimes we go for a bike ride, sometimes we just veg and watch movies all day (not often on that one I don't like tv much I was only allowed 2 hours a day as a child).
Saturday Morning (not all but most) Jon makes everyone cool pancakes in shapes, and he makes round ones to freeze for the week.



So there it is, the Feagain routine!!

Is your weekly routine similar or very different?


  1. well i would say mine is verrry different considering it is 1 pm on a wednesday and i just woke up :) hahhaa but you know me, im a night owl. ive decided though that i am going to try really hard to get myself on a more sleeping in all day! wish you were here to help me <3 <3 <3

  2. well mines a little different i wish mine was getting up befor noon lol but i seen the part bout the house wives and rememberd that oneday we came over and those boys were running up and down the street with a wagone only wearing underwear and sandles and u were really annoyed with the skinny stuck up blond across the street haha