Friday, December 31, 2010


I am by far the worst craft person I know. My one craft that I can do ok, is scrapbooking.
However my kids love to do crafty things, they learned from their Art teacher last year, Ms. Angela.
I tried to pick up a few small ideas and tips from her.. and the pics are what I came up with... Enjoy!

Craft day one... Edible art... plus cotton balls

Butterfly with pixi dust

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Fun

I am just going to put some pictures of the fun family entertainment we have had during winter break... hope you enjoy! We sure did.

We had a field day... in the field!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skating back a few days

Well I have been busy learning a few things and I just got around to dumping the pictures from our eventful day- Christmas Eve.
We were invited by our wonderful friends The Loose's to an Ice Skating Party in the afternoon.
It was an indoor ice rink... I couldn't believe how warm it was outside and how COLD it was inside. (I know I am a sheltered ..LOL)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pretty Day

Today was a 'pretty' day.

My outfit wasn't extraordinary, just a black shirt with style and a pair of jeans. My hair wasn't fabulous, just a few curls throughout. I didn't even put on make-up at all! Yet I still felt pretty.

It wasn't very warm outside, around 50 degrees. The house wasn't immaculate, just somewhat cleaned. Yet it still looked pretty.

The kids were happy and entertained all day. My husband made a wonderful potato cheddar soup (Christy's recipe).
Went to Kohl's, no drama, no meltdowns, no begging... bonus --we found $4 pants and shirts for Annelise and LilyKate, and a lovely open front cardigan for me.

Seen my husband looking at me with adoration in his eyes. While smiling, I realized I am one of the luckiest women in the world.

Sat down to type a new blog entry and realized I am excited to hear that many of our loved ones are checking my blog repeatedly. I am thrilled to have this blog to keep loved ones informed and close (in heart).
 Just a 'Pretty' Day!

What would your 'pretty' day consist of?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sad, but grateful

Well here it is, the sad entry.
My emotions have been running on high these past couple of days, it's Christmas and my selfishness is getting the best of me.. I miss my Mom.
This year it feels a little harder then usual however. I am used to things to keep my mind preoccupied, like having other people to see and come see us, and this year it's just us. :(
Nothing to really keep my mind from wondering back to a day filled with her laughter, her wonderful grand parenting and her yummy onion omelet Christmas morning around 11am.

My Mother was a one of a kind woman! She made people laugh all the time. She had more little sayings that she always said.(more then anyone I have ever met.) She always found the item that was different, (from gifts to items in the kitchen cupboard.) She was mouthy, but with style. She either loved you and meant it, or didn't like you and didn't hide it! She always understood me and NEVER judged me. She was my best friend. She was my idol. She was AMAZING! She was my Mom! I love her. I miss her.

I am grateful for the 30 years I had her. I am grateful she met and loved 5 of my 8 children. I am grateful for all the lessons she taught me. I am grateful she didn't have to feel the pain of losing her Mother. But mostly I am grateful for the amazing memories I have with her!

The once excruciating pain that I once felt, is now less painful because it is cushioned by the love and joy my family brings to me.

A small prayer..
Dear Lord,
Thank you for my Mother, she was a gift of immeasurable worth!

Merry Christmas! Hope all the best to you and yours.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Houston = Happiness

Moving to Houston Texas from Akron Ohio seemed like it would be quite a change (I don't mean an easy one).
I mean I had some type of get together every month!! From a home party (Pampered Chef, Usborne Books...etc..), to wine tasting, birthday party, pool party... you name it I probably had one just to give the people I know and love a good reason to come hang out!!
Since we know VERY limited people here (4 to be exact) and we don't know them well, we don't have get togethers at all.
And believe it or not I am still happy as can be! I learn something new EVERYDAY, and I have loosened my tight leash on my kids (I know some of you are saying FINALLY).
It may have something to do with my kids are getting GREAT grades in school, they are surrounded by friends, and show a lot more responsibility. They are happier too!
Now don't get me wrong if the people I love and love to be around decided to move to Houston and be closer to us and enjoy all that it has to offer.. I would love that. However, most people know that Ohioans are born, raised, and die in Ohio. Fear of leaving family, and fear of change.

But if anyone is reading this and thinking I would move there ... but....
then you are just like Jon and I... except I would not let ANY 'buts' get in my way!!

A woman that lives here told me this 'I moved here from Cleveland 16 years ago, and every time one of my friends or family members would visit me, they would move here within a year!' I personally believe that Houston just has an appeal that feels so good deep down in your heart and soul!

Again I say we are happy and that's what living is all about!

Do you have somewhere you think is an Amazing place to live?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy Lounging Day

I have been reading a blog for a about a week now that I truly enjoy how she writes and what she writes about. She has a love for baking and must be very good at it.

She talks about baking mostly but sometimes she just tells about very simple things that we should all take the time to think about and enjoy!
I am guilty for not taking the time to enjoy the little things very often... I have been trying harder since reading her blog.

Today is one of those days where I have soooo much I could, should be doing however the family has been lounging around doing our own things with no tension or upset in the house... it's been soo nice.

An Aunt of mine once told me, 'you can clean your house when your kids grow up'. So instead of stressing out that the counter hasn't been sprayed with lysol, and the floors haven't been swept today, we are all just enjoying our down time.

Since I have moved to Texas where the sunshine makes me happy all year 'round, I do not mind cleaning like I ALWAYS put off in Ohio!

I think we may attend the Really Really Big Christmas Show at church this evening that we have been hearing about for awhile.
Hope you take some time to just lounge around too!

Do you take a whole day off and just lounge?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a Hobby or Fabulous Talent

Sharing things I think will make others smile is one thing I have always done.
During a visit in Akron Ohio I stopped by my cousin Justine's house, just to hang out and chit chat.
Little did I know that her 'hobby' she had been telling me about was so extraordinaire! She took me into her office when she works on some of these 'hobby' items... I was stunned!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8 kids= 3 eyed purple bear

Why is it that when Jon and I decide to take our family out to dinner, museum, grocery store... and just the other day Christmas shopping,  people look at us like we are a strange and never seen before creature and then try to pretend they AREN'T looking at all?

It would be different if there weren't muliple television shows with large families. (Duggars, Gosselins, Hayes')
Jon says to me the other day 'I get so uncomfortable when people look at us like that'.

This happened while we were letting our kids buy (with their own $) gifts for their siblings!
The kids were being VERY well behaved (like usual) and more then one person whispered to the person next to them to look, or stared at us like all our heads were attached backwards. I will look at them and smile and they quickly look away (like I'm a bear about to eat them for lunch).

Just so you know, we actually like when people ask about our family instead of wondering and whispering.
I ofen think to myself I would like to go to a store with all of us wearing a shirt that says
We are a family of 10
It's ok to talk to us

What size family do you have?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card

Like I said before we design our Christmas Card every year and every year our wonderful kids are part of the design. Ok my husband does all the designing.. I just come up with the ideas for the kids.

Since we recently moved to Texas, I thought a cowboy hat would be a great prop... and a white beard (not as easy as ya'll would think) to add fun and laughter to the pictures! Who knew that there were 8 la's in Deck the halls... not even me, until Jon (master designer) put it on this card!!

On the back there is more awesome design and our kids on the beach in November (oh how I love that).

What do you think of our card?

Normal blogging?

What is normal blogging?
I have not read a blog before I created this one so I do not know if there is a 'normal' way to blog. Since I have started mine I have read a few and I like most of them (some a little too much for me).
Anyway I sometimes have the urge to post more then one time a day, the blogs that I have read only post once a day or less.. If that is the 'normal' I will have to be odd...

If I feel the excitement to post something I don't want to write it down and save it for the next day... uck.

I really love pictures so I will be posting many! Even if they don't match my entry. Please come back as often as you like to see what exciting or ridiculous things happen in our crazy family!

Speaking of pic that doesn't match entry...

My 11yr old drew this (I personally love it) and my 9yr old took the picture!

Do you have a blog pattern?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank you Beautiful Cousin for Telling me about Blogspot

I have a beautiful cousin named Emilie, and she introduced me to Blogspot. Even though I really have no idea what I am doing I enjoy learning and getting all my thoughts out.
I was going to put a picture of her on here... however she may have killed me.

So this morning before school my oldest daughter says to me, "Only a week of school left', she sighs and then adds 'it's gonna be the longest week ever'. I agree, I am really looking forward to the kids being home all day with me and the babies... but I think this week is going to take FOREVER!

Today I will finally tell all of my family and friends I started this blog... then everyone will able to keep up with us even though we are hours away.

Our Christmas Clock
Instead of a Tree we will place our gifts under this clock. We have procrastinated way to long on getting a tree.  But we are going to put our topper on it and it will be beautiful and original!

Do you have a blog? Let me know and I will follow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Loving Texas Winter

This weekend my kids wore shorts and shirts to run errands with us! We are used to the snow and freezing cold of Ohio!
We still have roses blooming in our backyard, birds chirping good morning lullabies, and oranges growing on a tree across the street!

When I was in Akron a little over a week ago, I seen a sign that said hiring snow shovelers. My cousin said it perfectly... if a snowflake fell here, they would probably shut down the highway!

We all piled in the van last night and went out driving to look at all the beautiful holiday lights, we drove through a subdivision that had EVERY tree on the devil strip (aka in Texas, the parkway strip) wrapped with lights! It was so awesome (as my kids put it).

What's your favorite thing about Winter?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Having kids is fun and having 8 kids is a blast! Especially during the holidays. I get to experience many different ideas and laughs because they all think so differently.
Jacob is our creative inventor.
Hannah is our intelligent bookworm.
Michael is our master gamer.
Isabelle is our amazing dancer.
Eva is our extreme organizer.
Grace is our goofy comedian.
LilyKate is our gentle sweetie.
Annelise is our ornery monkey.
Each brings a different element to helping make this family so fun and special.
Jon and I have been designing our own Christmas cards for 5 or 6 years now and they always have a creative picture of all of our kids.  This year Jon designed ours from one silly thought that came to me since we recently moved to Texas!

We are so lucky to have had a couple willing to help us drive 2 moving trucks plus our family van (12 passenger). Thank you so much Joyce and Josh!

Jon and I were worried about the kids adjusting here... that was silly because I think they adjusted better and faster then we did.
Making friends doesn't seem to be very hard here since most people are very pleasant.  We actually made friends with a couple at Lowe's (crazy huh?) they are another large family with 6 kids, except their youngest is the same age as our oldest. :)

A Beginning...

So I decided to make this blog we will see how well I do and if I learn quickly how to maneuver through.
Bare with with me... this could be fun or painful *smiling*