Wednesday, December 15, 2010

8 kids= 3 eyed purple bear

Why is it that when Jon and I decide to take our family out to dinner, museum, grocery store... and just the other day Christmas shopping,  people look at us like we are a strange and never seen before creature and then try to pretend they AREN'T looking at all?

It would be different if there weren't muliple television shows with large families. (Duggars, Gosselins, Hayes')
Jon says to me the other day 'I get so uncomfortable when people look at us like that'.

This happened while we were letting our kids buy (with their own $) gifts for their siblings!
The kids were being VERY well behaved (like usual) and more then one person whispered to the person next to them to look, or stared at us like all our heads were attached backwards. I will look at them and smile and they quickly look away (like I'm a bear about to eat them for lunch).

Just so you know, we actually like when people ask about our family instead of wondering and whispering.
I ofen think to myself I would like to go to a store with all of us wearing a shirt that says
We are a family of 10
It's ok to talk to us

What size family do you have?

1 comment:

  1. hahah amen, you should make those shirts.
    I can remember multiple times being out with you guys and experiencing this!