Friday, December 10, 2010


Having kids is fun and having 8 kids is a blast! Especially during the holidays. I get to experience many different ideas and laughs because they all think so differently.
Jacob is our creative inventor.
Hannah is our intelligent bookworm.
Michael is our master gamer.
Isabelle is our amazing dancer.
Eva is our extreme organizer.
Grace is our goofy comedian.
LilyKate is our gentle sweetie.
Annelise is our ornery monkey.
Each brings a different element to helping make this family so fun and special.
Jon and I have been designing our own Christmas cards for 5 or 6 years now and they always have a creative picture of all of our kids.  This year Jon designed ours from one silly thought that came to me since we recently moved to Texas!

We are so lucky to have had a couple willing to help us drive 2 moving trucks plus our family van (12 passenger). Thank you so much Joyce and Josh!

Jon and I were worried about the kids adjusting here... that was silly because I think they adjusted better and faster then we did.
Making friends doesn't seem to be very hard here since most people are very pleasant.  We actually made friends with a couple at Lowe's (crazy huh?) they are another large family with 6 kids, except their youngest is the same age as our oldest. :)

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