Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank you Beautiful Cousin for Telling me about Blogspot

I have a beautiful cousin named Emilie, and she introduced me to Blogspot. Even though I really have no idea what I am doing I enjoy learning and getting all my thoughts out.
I was going to put a picture of her on here... however she may have killed me.

So this morning before school my oldest daughter says to me, "Only a week of school left', she sighs and then adds 'it's gonna be the longest week ever'. I agree, I am really looking forward to the kids being home all day with me and the babies... but I think this week is going to take FOREVER!

Today I will finally tell all of my family and friends I started this blog... then everyone will able to keep up with us even though we are hours away.

Our Christmas Clock
Instead of a Tree we will place our gifts under this clock. We have procrastinated way to long on getting a tree.  But we are going to put our topper on it and it will be beautiful and original!

Do you have a blog? Let me know and I will follow.

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