Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Truth


My opinion, my ideas, my choices are not always right.
But they are honest.
I hunger for honesty in friends, family, and people in general.

People know they can trust you when your honesty shines.

Be honest not only with others but also yourself!

This next quote makes me smile.

I know plenty of people that do not like some of things I say.
As a matter fact I would agree that I have said inappropriate things and will most likely again.
However, I am not driven to impress other people with my ability to speak appropriately.
I give my honest opinion.
Just as I want others to give me.

For those of you that always try to make the people around you happy by saying what they want to hear, how do you connect with people?
So many people would rather lie then face the truth. 
What is the worst that can happen if you speak your mind?
So what if they are uncomfortable, you may help them grow in some way.

This applies to relationships also.

This is my favorite quote!
I know this sense of freedom and liberation and I too wish everyone could grasp it.
I believe the world would be a much better place if everyone spoke the truth.

People without integrity are spotted fairly quickly by those of integrity.
I have met multiple people that fake through, pretending to be honest, as they manipulate and deceive.
Those people will slowly lose friends and family members will slowly fade away and I pray they see the error of their ways, or they will be very lonely one day.

This is just in case someone is wondering the definition of integrity.


I have seen this happen many times.
People with honest, mouths and hearts, dismiss the liars eventually. 
As it is too much work to dance around and ignore their lies.

This above quote pretty much sums up what everyone should think before allowing a lie to slip by when speaking to someone they care about.

Lying by omission is still a lie.

I have been blessed so many wonderful honest friends in my life, this quote below is on point!!
No need to explain. they love you or they don't, PERIOD.

Don't be afraid of confrontation. 
Your opinion is just as important as everyone else's.
I believe confrontation helps all involved grow.

This is EXACTLY how I feel. 
just one lie can change EVERYTHING!!

All relationships built on honesty, and continued honesty will last a lifetime!
I always thought I was just lucky to have friendships that are close and real that have lasted over 20 years. Then someone I love dearly told me I have so many lifetime friendships because I always say what most people think but are afraid to say,

Have I always been this honest? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
I have had to face my lies and learn from them.
Each day, each lesson, I hope to grow into a better person then the day before!

How honest are you? Do you lie to avoid confrontation?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Amy Art

I wanted to highlight a dear friend of mine.
Amy L Deal

Before I go on, some history of our friendship....
We met in 7th grade and I claimed her and her twin sister as 'My Twins'.
As they were my best friends. 
Today I still consider them 'My Twins' and are 2 of my very best friends!

I was so surprised to learn that she has a pretty fantastic talent, Painting.
Her painting skills are AWESOME!

Amy told 3 of my girls to find a picture on the internet that they would like her to paint.
Eva loves Curious George, so she picked this picture and...

Below is the picture Amy painted freehand, Eva absolutely loves it.

Annelise loves Lalaloopsy dolls, so she picked this picture.
I personally love the curly hair.

Amy impresses me with every painting she does. But Annelise is over the moon about this picture.

I do not have a favorite, but  do have a great fondness for penguins, so when Grace chose this picture I was pretty excited to see her paint this one.


Amy told me that she watched Bob Ross as a kid, but never picked up a paintbrush until about a year and half ago.

I have heard that everyone has a gift/talent/craft, I am still looking for mine.
Thank goodness Amy has found hers!
I am excited that we have 3 framed pieces of Amy Art at my house!

What is your gift/talent/craft?

Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Throw Back Thursday

In Honor of social media celebrating Throw Back Thursday,
 I have looked for a few goodies of my own.

This was a fabulous year in our lives.... 
My kids were home schooled- we all loved it.
OHDELA was the best Virtual school for my family.
Below is a picture of us at OHDELA dressed as 
The 10 Little Indians, for Halloween.

We were also filmed for a commercial for OHDELA, 
click here to watch it.

After watching that video I wanted to throw back to this past July when I reached another goal on my weight loss journey.
Big difference from video (2008) to now 2014

Since it is so close to Halloween I thought I'd show a pic of last years Halloween costumes....
Jacob~ Fat personal Trainer
Hannah~ Smarty Pants
Michael~ Bum
Eva~ Pinapple
Grace~ Puppy
LilyKate~ Rainbow Bright
Annelise~ Gum ball Machine
Leo~ Dragon

My kids were all blessed to be able to dance at Love 2 Dance Studio.
Amazing owner Andrea Love is missed, especially by Isabelle.
 Andrea asked the kids to dress as Cindy Lou Who and Cat in the Hat for a Holiday Parade in
 Akron, Ohio.

Another holiday event from the past....
Adhere Creative Holiday Party.
These guys work so hard all year they need to 
goof off and have a blast at the Company's Holiday Party.

This was just last year.
 I was sad to hear the elementary school I attended was going to be demolished.
So I walked all my kids and a few other kids the same path I used to take 30+ years ago.
I have so many fond memories from Harris Elementary, and Jennings Middle Schools.

This concrete odd shaped climbing equipment was referred to as
"The Cheese"
Anyone that went to Harris would know and appreciate this picture and memory.
Feeling joyful inside just remembering the fun my kids had on 'the cheese' that day!!

This is a funny, but not so funny story...

Okay, so my son Michael (as well as a few other kids of mine), are a little over dramatic at times.
One day he was sitting on the couch and I was in the kitchen cooking (you can see over the counter into the living room).
I heard screams of anger from 2 sisters outside, so I asked Michael to go tell the girls to come inside.
He jumps up rounds the couch and falls...
He starts screaming like he's being eaten alive, I say "Seriously Michael you just fell on the floor"
Then he stands up and shows me his arm and I immediately forget everything I have ever learned about being calm and I start screaming like fool!!
"Where's my phone?' 
"Where is your dad?"
"What do I do?'
He never actually cried, just the initial scream, he was too entertained by his mom acting like a fool!
He is a tough cookie. 
He even smiled for his picture.

Since I am honoring Throw Back Thursday I thought it would be cool to add a link to one of my most loved blog posts...

Please check that one out!!
Let me know what you think.

I wanted to end this post with this picture, not because it's a cool throw back story.
Actually I remember nothing about why this pictures was taken, or who's glasses these belong to, but I love his face and outfit!

Do you celebrate Throw Back Thursday on Social media?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carnival Breeze


It's been forever since I have hugged you!!

This is at the airport in Miami, before any of the fun began... you can only imagine how fantastic our Cruise to The Keys, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel ended up!

Carnival Breeze here we come!!!

How cute is this cup! Awesome way to remember your cruise.

Notice Chris' Mojito in the background.

The first morning I woke on the boat, it was like I was dreaming!
I wanted to accomplish so many things.
I wanted to see the entire boat, shop, tan, relax, laugh with my wonderful friend, try new foods, take hundreds of pictures... so much more.

I was so happy when my friends came to breakfast, some of the best people to ever spend a week with, vacationing!!

Diana looks great in pink, and I love Chris' hat!
Let me add that Diana is a wonderful travel agent, if you would like her to help you plan the perfect travel experience click here for her website.

The Most beautiful teenage girl on the boat!!
I was excited to get to know Gabby, what a smart, lovely girl.

Her smile made my morning complete!
OH Patty!
It has been so long since I have talked with Patty. We had plenty of chats and laughs, as we shared a room. What an honor to hear her life stories, and her laugh is great!

Patty has a neat collection of purses that match her outfits.

There were so many adventures, however I enjoyed myself so much I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures as I had planned.

 Laugher, what I remember most about my time with Diana!

So many little details that enhanced this experience!

The special with Gabby will always be in my heart.
Here we are at the Comedy Club.

On the nights everyone has plans, I seem to meet up with my new friend Debbie!

Dance Party night I got a makeover by Gabby. 

Diana and Chris have an attraction and pretty good luck at Roulette.
They were here everyday of the trip, I finally gave it try.. I am not as good. 

I love Diana's dimple!
In the background is Jacki, what is so memorable about her, she wears turquoise and gold jewelry.
She mentioned that it is difficult to find that combination. 

What a wonderful pic as we were walking back to the ship!
We often docked at the same time as another ship.

Photo credit: Pat Hetrick

We were all bummed that the cruise had ended, but excited to check out Miami.

As we were checking our the campus of Miami University, I saw this amazing tree!
I think I took 10 pictures of it.

From there we headed to A1A Beach Front Avenue
(Vanilla Ice)

Not far from A1A, they found the perfect spot for Gaby to get her bellybutton pierced

After a night in a hotel, bright and early before the sun woke... we were at the airport heading our separate ways.
I will be forever grateful to Diana for including me on her cruise.

Even though I was sad to say goodbye to 4 people that touched my heart more then I could have expected in just 7 days...
I was so excited to see my family!!

Especially my husband!!

I never understood when people would say 
'Take time for yourself, it will make you a better mom, wife, person', 
I ABSOLUTELY understand now.
Please take time for yourself.

Have you been on a cruise?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anniversary surprise

Anniversary surprise!!

My husband and I have been in different states for our Anniversary for the last 2 years.
So this year my wonderful husband planned a leisurely, romantic, weekend getaway for just the 2 of us!!
I was so impressed!
I have a lot of pictures to help tell this awesome story (maybe even too many).

His plan~
He came home from work early one day and had flowers and a card.
I was not happy that he had messed up the date of our Anniversary, you see our Anniversary wasn't for another 5 days.
He made me pack some clothes..I totally over packed since I had no idea what or where I was going!
He kept the destination a secret until signs gave it away.

He took me to Austin!

A cool, funky, interesting city!!

I found the Food Trucks Parks very interesting. 

We stayed at the Hyatt. It was a lovely hotel.

Let the silliness begin!

Since we left Sugar Land around 5 we didn't eat dinner so we ate at the hotel restaurant

Some of the best food I have tasted!

During our 12 day Honeymoon many moons ago, my husband left a gift on my pillow every night!!
Well being the amazing husband that he is, he left gifts on my pillow each day of this weekend getaway!

My first morning I woke up to a bottle of nail polish, and a booklet of IOU coupons.

When I came out of the bathroom after my morning shower the first day, he had put post it notes all over the entire room!!
They all had some sweet little note written on it.

Once we headed out to find our fun, we saw this cute paddle boat.

A Swan! AWWW so cute and perfect for a couple's romantic getaway...

This pic was before we started pedaling the boat for an HOUR!
It was nice, but I wouldn't choose that again. I almost had to lay down to reach the pedals.
 Yes, I am short.

Jon picked a magnificent restaurant.
Green Pastures

I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.

Most romantic place. 

It was an old farm house, transformed into a restaurant!

This rose was in vase on our table and Jon was being silly,

So I wanted to my own silly. 
All while no one else was in the room of course, you know Jon would have turned 10 shades of red if anyone had witnessed our shenanigans. 

Outside walking freely around the years were beautiful white peacocks

After lunch I was sleepy and soaked up a nap back in our room.
While I slept Jon found another wonderful surprise for our Anniversary weekend.

He found a live theater show! My favorite.

I enjoyed it immensely! 

Day 2
 I had these lovely gold earrings sitting on the bed when I woke up.

Day 3
I squealed when I saw this Mom Planner on the bed!!
It has pages and pages for me to make lists!

Before we left Austin we stopped for Torchy's Tacos.
That sign sums it up. 
 Jon wanted his picture taken with that sign as if he were being described, haha.

I love this man. And I know he loves me.

Every couple has its issues, but I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

Mr. and Mrs. Feagain- A true love story never ends.

And this is our Happily Ever After!

What was your best surprise?