Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carnival Breeze


It's been forever since I have hugged you!!

This is at the airport in Miami, before any of the fun began... you can only imagine how fantastic our Cruise to The Keys, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel ended up!

Carnival Breeze here we come!!!

How cute is this cup! Awesome way to remember your cruise.

Notice Chris' Mojito in the background.

The first morning I woke on the boat, it was like I was dreaming!
I wanted to accomplish so many things.
I wanted to see the entire boat, shop, tan, relax, laugh with my wonderful friend, try new foods, take hundreds of pictures... so much more.

I was so happy when my friends came to breakfast, some of the best people to ever spend a week with, vacationing!!

Diana looks great in pink, and I love Chris' hat!
Let me add that Diana is a wonderful travel agent, if you would like her to help you plan the perfect travel experience click here for her website.

The Most beautiful teenage girl on the boat!!
I was excited to get to know Gabby, what a smart, lovely girl.

Her smile made my morning complete!
OH Patty!
It has been so long since I have talked with Patty. We had plenty of chats and laughs, as we shared a room. What an honor to hear her life stories, and her laugh is great!

Patty has a neat collection of purses that match her outfits.

There were so many adventures, however I enjoyed myself so much I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures as I had planned.

 Laugher, what I remember most about my time with Diana!

So many little details that enhanced this experience!

The special with Gabby will always be in my heart.
Here we are at the Comedy Club.

On the nights everyone has plans, I seem to meet up with my new friend Debbie!

Dance Party night I got a makeover by Gabby. 

Diana and Chris have an attraction and pretty good luck at Roulette.
They were here everyday of the trip, I finally gave it try.. I am not as good. 

I love Diana's dimple!
In the background is Jacki, what is so memorable about her, she wears turquoise and gold jewelry.
She mentioned that it is difficult to find that combination. 

What a wonderful pic as we were walking back to the ship!
We often docked at the same time as another ship.

Photo credit: Pat Hetrick

We were all bummed that the cruise had ended, but excited to check out Miami.

As we were checking our the campus of Miami University, I saw this amazing tree!
I think I took 10 pictures of it.

From there we headed to A1A Beach Front Avenue
(Vanilla Ice)

Not far from A1A, they found the perfect spot for Gaby to get her bellybutton pierced

After a night in a hotel, bright and early before the sun woke... we were at the airport heading our separate ways.
I will be forever grateful to Diana for including me on her cruise.

Even though I was sad to say goodbye to 4 people that touched my heart more then I could have expected in just 7 days...
I was so excited to see my family!!

Especially my husband!!

I never understood when people would say 
'Take time for yourself, it will make you a better mom, wife, person', 
I ABSOLUTELY understand now.
Please take time for yourself.

Have you been on a cruise?

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