Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy Mom

Busy Mom Syndrome

Such a whirlwind of new things to fill my schedule lately!
I am excited to share!

Have you watched the Extreme Coupon show, and thought 'dang I want to save money like that or even just something like that' ?
Well, I wouldn't classify it as extreme, but I it saves me an extreme amount of money!!!

My sweet friend Julie Q., has been scheduling me in each week for hands on lessons to use coupons to benefit my financials. I am very blessed and lucky to have her and her talent in my life.

Crazy blessing...
My Sister-In-Law, Marilyn (oh how I love that name) mentioned how awesome it would be to have a handmade crocheted scarf from me. 
I assumed (never do this) that since she lives in Illinois (cold and snow) she meant a winter scarf.
So right away I got out my crochet hook and started a shell stitch, brightly colored, match many things, scarf. 

The day after I finished it, I noticed that she had sent me a picture of the type of scarf she actually wanted... oops!
This is a fancy, frilly, lovely, Sashay scarf.

So I got busy making her this style scarf.
And I had a great idea that I could possibly sell some to pay for my teens to attend a youth conference.
Now I have over 30 that I am selling, if you would like to buy one or maybe a few for gifts please message me on Facebook or email me at

Here are just a few...

My High School kids went through an Internship at Sugar Land Family Church, our home church.
 They learned so much about the church (such as- behind the scenes) and where they could serve to help at church. I am so excited that my teenagers love to go to church, and not just on Sundays!!

1110 Burney Rd.
Come check it out. 
On Wednesdays they have Youth Group!
The best way to express the phenomenal experiences they have there is share, if you have a child grade 6th-college.... ENCOURAGE THEM TO GO WEDNESDAY AT 7pm. 
It lasts an hour (or so).

 These are my 4 in Youth Group at SLFC!

My 4 big kids aren't the only ones having awesome fun...
My 4 youngest girls have the awesome experience to learn volleyball through Spike It Right
I am so impressed with Coach Rocha's technique, patience, and creative ideas to keep the kids on task and happy! An amazing program for boys and girls ages 5-10 and 11-14.
Coach Rocha is awesome!
Be sure to click on Spike it right above to check out this incredible program!

So, I have lived in Sugar Land for a little over 4 years now. I joined Sugar Land MOMS Club a year ago.
 What a WONDERFUL group of ladies!!

MOMS Club ladies have helped me, encouraged me, laughed with me, fed me (we have snacks at our weekly playdate), and best of all taught me so much about this area!!
Just a few weeks ago a friend from this group ...

 Ali, let me in on a very fantastic tip...
Sugar Creek Playscape!
It is a FREE indoor play area for small children.
Leo and I are grateful for this Playscape!

I am always trying the ideas I see on, Facebook, Instagram, and OF COURSE..
I love to share and pin, so share, send, follow or friend me!

I know this is on Pinterest, but I actually saw this one on FB, a friend posted a pic of her daughters hair in this adorable heart, so I tried. My 7 yr old loved it and the compliments she got from friends at school.

I have the pleasure of my youngest daughter starting Kindergarten this year, I am so proud of her!
She has been on 'Wow' several times and is excited about homework. I love watching her get tickled when she learns something and 'teaches me'. 

About a month ago my family piled in the van dressed in our clothes I matched for our annual family photos. However we were not heading to take family photos.
We were headed to the park for a photo shoot by a wonderful young lady named Elahe Alam!
She posed all of us together, just the kids, individual, and many more photos were taken to be used in Sugar Land Magazine.

Such an honor!!

My little Feagain's feel famous, it's so cute!

There is so much more on my schedule lately, but these are among the favorites!!

Do you have a certain time of year that your schedule is bursting at the seams?

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  1. What!? That is so cool you were in a magazine!! I miss you all so much, it makes me so happy to read these updates :) Love you! xx