Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Way

So Pretty right?

"I love the snow!"
"I can't imagine not having snow in winter."
"It's just so beautiful."


Some of the many reasons snow and I are no longer friends...

No one likes when someone over stays their welcome. 
Why does it need to stay around for 4-5 months? 
I believe family that only visits once annually, stays about 2 weeks. THAT would be plenty!

Much more money spent when snow is around.
Boots~ not just cute stylish ones, 
Tires~ snow tires
Snowsuits for kids~ for my family this one extra need could buy us new furniture every winter!
Window scraper~ with a brush on one side and scraper on the other
Salt~ because snow turns into slick ice as you walk across it multiple times

Snow keeps bad company!
Those 2 close friends Freezin and Wind, both are awfully bone chilling and cause aches!
That nasty messy friend that always follows snow, Mud! Gets in the cars, on the cars, in the house, and all over your clothes, if run low on salt!

Schools close every time Snow or his friend Freezin have a productive day!
I love having my kids home an extra day, however... 
The kids don't stay inside, they get on all their warm wear (like 3 layers) go outside to play in the Snow for like 20 minutes. Then come in and strip off all the layers right by the door since they're soaked.

Nothing greets the day like an extra 15 minutes outside clearing off the van!

Wet pants, frozen hands, arriving late to school... snow has so many highlights.

There may come a day that I have been in Texas so long that I start to miss Ohio snow, but as for now


What is your opinion of snow?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Model Material

Seriously, this is just a filler post!

I have had a few too many busy days in a row. I am not used to being this busy, however I love it.

These set of pictures make me smile every time I look at them so I thought this post could make y'all smile too!!
Isabelle loves to spend her spare time playing awesome games I used to play as a kid, such as house, store, school, and her favorite.... beauty salon!!

Since her little sisters look up to her, they almost always agree to be her pawns in whichever game she chooses. 

This particular day Annelise was a model for a photo shoot, and Isabelle was the photographer!

She even had her change outfits a few times!

My favorite pic of all of them!

Hope these made you smile. Have a great day.

Do you have a favorite?

Friday, December 13, 2013


My middle son!

Michael writes....

  • My favorite color is orange.
  • I like Star Wars things.
  • Playing video games and watching video games keep me entertained.
  • Kelly's is my favorite restaurant.
  • My Dad is my hero.
  • I have brown hair and eyes.
  • I wear glasses.
  • I like to do Sudoku.
  • I am 12 years old.
  • My best friend is Chris.
  • Soccer is my favorite during P.E.
  • This is my first year playing basketball.
  • My favorite food is anything sweet.
  • I am in 6th grade.
  • Math is my favorite subject.
  • I have 2 brothers and 6 sisters.
  • When I grow up I want to be a business man just like my Dad.
  • I am good at ice skating and roller skating.

Michael is a very helpful young man. When he puts his mind to it, he actually helps more then any of the other kids. He loves being a rowdy, wild boy. He loves reading, he is very good at doing sudoku, and he loves playing ninja with his baby brother. His smile is my favorite, his eyes turn to slits and his laugh is the best in the house. 
I am so impressed that he can answer Math problems lickety split, just like Grandma Regular. Jacob loves having a brother close to his age to do boys stuff.
Even though he is ornery, I love him! He is such a blessing to this family.

Any thing you want know from Michael?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vintage Fool

Good times Vintage Style

I was in middle school and 'everyone' went to Rocky's on Friday night!!
They had some arcade games, snack bar, and ROLLER SKATING!! Of course my Mom would allow me to go. She needed time away from my mouthy teenage behind, and I was finally getting the exercise she complained at me all week to get.

Roller Skating was fun, easy, and WHO doesn't love music while rolling around??

I got pretty good, I could dance while skating, I could skate with a partner, and best of all I could skate backward!! Obviously that was my proudest accomplishment!

Oh the memories.. 
Wait, why are they just memories?
Roller skating rinks are still around, so why haven't I skated in YEARS?!

Only some of my kids have ever been, and that was just once.
 OH the wonderful experience they have not been subject to!!

Well that is a thing of the past, we received an opportunity to take all 11 of us for FREE!

What an experience it was...

First of all, what the heck is THAT? I have never seen anything like it.
It is an assistant walker to help the littles learn to skate. Because apparently learning to walk with wheels on your feet is difficult. I obviously forgot that!!

 The kids were very concerned as they handed their shoes to the guy behind the counter. "Mom, how will he know which shoes are mine?" 
(I smiled at the thought of them getting the nice pair of Jordan's the kid next to us exchanged)
I explained that each pair of skates has it's own cubby and when you return the skates, your shoes are waiting in the cubby those skates belong.  
I am not even gonna go into the conversation about "How OLD are these brown and orange skates?"!

We got this Mom, its not that hard...
You just have to wear wheels on your feet and Disco, right?!?

Some got the hang of roller skating pretty easily.

Some may have had their ego get ahold of them... 
(ahem not just the obvious girl above, but her daddy too)

Not sure 2 non skaters should be helping one another, but it worked for them.. I mean it always feels better when you're not the only one on the floor. Let's face it that's where they spent most of their time.
But they had fun doing it.

So I decided skating must be like riding a bike, I can get out there and do it...
(Yeah, not gonna see a pic of me)
Let me be very clear, IT IS NOT LIKE RIDING A BIKE!! 
I think 2 different people there tried handing me one of the assistant walkers!
After only 30 minutes of looking like a Vintage Fool I got the hang of it, and then BAM fell on my knee!
Back to picture taking for me!

I love this pic!
Reminds me of a 1970's show I used to watch

They had races- just girls, just boys, anyone, push a friend, and my favorite (and Isabelle's too) the monkey race.

Here is a picture of the monkey race in progress, and YES she did win by a long shot!

awe proud of my little monkey

These littles gave up, and Hannah being Big Sister of the year, sat with them! 
It had nothing to do with the fact that Mom was stuck on the other side of the rink and couldn't get back over there.

Even this little stinker skated, that was a job!! 
Only lasted like 10 minutes, but he insisted on keeping on the skates for about 30 minutes.

I know this may look like they fell, but that was NOT the case. They were break dancing on skates! (winkey face)
I didn't get a lot of floor pics, but trust me we were all on the floor at some point!

Daddy always helps the kids, Mom on the other hand was struggling to stay up!! That may be me behind Jon.

Isabelle here taking the lead in a race, she is just as competitive as her daddy.

We took Flat Stella along with us to roller skate, pretty sure she had a great time!!

Jon and this guy were neck in neck, their skates collided and this guy bit the dust and Jon won. I still think Jon took him on purpose.

In the event that we decide to give this fun, indoor exercise another go, we will be leaving the littles at home. But bringing this Vintage Fool a full size walker, and knee pads.

This was a great family bonding day! 
(and floor bonding day too)

When was the last time you went roller skating?

Monday, December 9, 2013


I was wondering about other people's dinner choices.

You see at my house when I was a kid, we only sat at the table together for dinner special occasions.
We always in the livingroom while watching television. 

My husband's family had certain meals on certain days. 
Meatloaf on Mondays
Tacos on Tuesdays
Roast on Wednesday
Spagetti on Thursday.. etc..

My house has dinner at the dinner table and we barely have the same dish twice in a month.

I am always looking for new foods to try, especially its extremely hard to please 11 different people every meal.  

We do have a few meals that are liked by the majority, these I want to share...we make more then most people need so you might want to cut the recipes in half or freeze half.

Tater Tot Casserole

2 bags of tater tots
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
1 can of corn
1 onion
2 lbs hamburger
1 lg package of shredded cheddar cheese

Brown the hamburger and onion. drain. Mix in cream of chicken soup and corn. Placed mixture in casserole dish. Cover with cheese, then top with tater tots. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Cover casserole with remaining cheese, bake a few minutes until cheese is melted. Serve with sour cream.

I always have a canned or fresh fruit as a side dish.

Veggie Pizza (cold)

3 bunches of broccoli
1 head cauliflower
3 red peppers
1 package of shredded cheddar cheese
4 blocks of cream cheese
2 ranch dressing packet (dry)
4 refrigerated crescent rolls
4 tbsp sour cream

Roll out crescent dough to cover cookie sheet, bake as directed on package. Let cool.
Break up broccoli and cauliflower into bite size pieces. Cut peppers into bite size pieces. 
In a bowl mix together cream cheese, ranch, and sour cream.
Spread mixture evenly on crescent. cover with veggies, and then cheese. Cut into squares and serve.

Street Tacos

Olive oil
Corn tortillas
Canned chicken (just cuz I am usually too lazy to cook chicken or I forget to thaw chicken)
Taco seasoning
Limes or lime juice
Cilantro (optional, we forget to get it sometimes)
Mild banana peppers

Use oil to fry tortillas just slightly crispy. once you fry as many tortillas you want, use the same pan for chicken, taco seasoning, cilantro and lime juice heat mixture thoroughly. Scoop mixture and a few mild peppers on tortillas. Options to top, cheese, taco sauce.

Recently I have wanted Street Tacos everyday for weeks.

Hope you try one or all of these.
Please share your opinions if you do.

What is your favorite meal?

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Today's post is my 5th child.

Eva writes...

Purple is my favorite color.
I have blue eyes.
I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters.
My favorite number is 8.
My best friend's name is Paris.
My middle name is after my Mom's cousin.
I play on a basketball team.
I am 9 years old.
I do not like wearing dresses.
I like playing outside.
I want to be a chef when I grow up.
I like Taylor Lautner.
My favorite show is Curious George.
I like playing school.
I get straight A's.
I am good at Math.
I have 2 teachers this year.
My b-day is in June.
I make Leo laugh more then anyone else.
I am great at organizing.
I like to listen to music.
I only have tennis shoes.

Eva is my different child. She has a kind heart, but only lets some people get close enough to know. She likes to be comfortable not stylish. She is an amazing student, very enthusiastic about basketball, and sassy when she feels things are unjust. She is strong, helpful and structured. She has wonderful intuition when someone needs to cuddle, a hug or just a smile to make their day better.  I am a little over protective of Eva, because of her over sensitivity. She has changed me and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is my awesome girl.

Have any questions about Eva?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hairstyles for girls

(previously posted Girls Hairstyles)

Twin Twisters

I have 6 girls, which means a lot of hair and styles that need handled everyday before school.

I picked a few of the girls favs.

Curlers in overnight!! Lovely curls for the the 3 with straight hair.

This is not just a bun, its a sock bun! There is a sock (toes cut off) rolled under hair!

Side french braid. We also do a french braid that starts at the top of the head on one side and comes around to the other side down by neck. We called it Around the world.

These puffs are a great pick for certain types of hair. We have a similar one called Puppy dogs ears, its just a tuck on each side.

Side spin. Just a clip at the bottom or a couple bobby pins.

Havent named this but the girls like it, especially with a flower or bow!

Half fish tail braid.

Fish tail braid

This is Medusa, Annelise wants hair as long as Rapunzel. This poor wig has seen better days.

Double french ponies. I personally love adding the bows!!

I believe this is a hairstyle from when I was a teen(minus the bows), but they like it.

No time for french braids one morning produced this hairstyle!! A spin off, the one above.

We have so many more, but I don't take a picture every morning. Not to mention, my procrastinating behind has yet to put together the hairstyle book I have been saying and planning on doing for years!!

Which hairstyle is your favorite?