Sunday, December 8, 2013


Today's post is my 5th child.

Eva writes...

Purple is my favorite color.
I have blue eyes.
I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters.
My favorite number is 8.
My best friend's name is Paris.
My middle name is after my Mom's cousin.
I play on a basketball team.
I am 9 years old.
I do not like wearing dresses.
I like playing outside.
I want to be a chef when I grow up.
I like Taylor Lautner.
My favorite show is Curious George.
I like playing school.
I get straight A's.
I am good at Math.
I have 2 teachers this year.
My b-day is in June.
I make Leo laugh more then anyone else.
I am great at organizing.
I like to listen to music.
I only have tennis shoes.

Eva is my different child. She has a kind heart, but only lets some people get close enough to know. She likes to be comfortable not stylish. She is an amazing student, very enthusiastic about basketball, and sassy when she feels things are unjust. She is strong, helpful and structured. She has wonderful intuition when someone needs to cuddle, a hug or just a smile to make their day better.  I am a little over protective of Eva, because of her over sensitivity. She has changed me and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is my awesome girl.

Have any questions about Eva?

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  1. hahaha "I don't like dresses" and "I only have tennis shoes" ;) <3 Love her!