Friday, December 6, 2013


Style and Fashion

This is my favorite shirt of Bubbers!

He likes to play in my bathtub! And this seat my friends, is his stage!

My little Ms. Fashionista. She has her own style and she loves starting trends! 
She helps everyone in the house with her honest (even when we disagree) opinion of what looks best!!

Here we have my Curly Sue, aka Puffball.
I really like this sweater on her. 
ps got the seal of approval by Ms. Fashionista

Meet Mrs. Fashionista's protege, Princess Katester!
She wears a dress or skirt everyday!! All girl, so sweet, and lovely to boot.

Goolah is growing into her fashion, she likes her pic taken, and she likes dressing girly.

Handsome Prince, his style is purchased by his queen. But he could wear anything and still keep his title of Handsome Prince.

Sonny Boy up and coming Prince Jr. 
He sure does have his daddy's good looks!

This my little! and this is her favorite pose! She has a crazy style sometimes and the Fashionista police are always trying to get her to change, but this sweet face is a very determined and sassy little girl.

My Diva. She has the beautiful blue eyes, and the great nails, but this diva isn't interested in style and fashion AT ALL!! She is all comfort!
I say watch out sisters, once she flips on her style switch, she will steal the stage!!

This guy, Mr. Ornery always poses for pics like this, and his eyes always disappear!!
He wears whatever he has, and looks handsome in just about everything, just like his daddy!!

I love to dress nice and I really love to accessorize. 
I took this pic for my husband, he appreciates when he comes home to something other then a 'people of Walmart' shopper. 

Everyone has their own style. its fun and interesting that way.

Whats your style?

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  1. Love it! Eva reminds me so much of Allison - didn't care one bit, then when she grew up, ended up looking like a super model! haha :) Love that pic of you - you look gorgeous!! xx