Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Way

So Pretty right?

"I love the snow!"
"I can't imagine not having snow in winter."
"It's just so beautiful."


Some of the many reasons snow and I are no longer friends...

No one likes when someone over stays their welcome. 
Why does it need to stay around for 4-5 months? 
I believe family that only visits once annually, stays about 2 weeks. THAT would be plenty!

Much more money spent when snow is around.
Boots~ not just cute stylish ones, 
Tires~ snow tires
Snowsuits for kids~ for my family this one extra need could buy us new furniture every winter!
Window scraper~ with a brush on one side and scraper on the other
Salt~ because snow turns into slick ice as you walk across it multiple times

Snow keeps bad company!
Those 2 close friends Freezin and Wind, both are awfully bone chilling and cause aches!
That nasty messy friend that always follows snow, Mud! Gets in the cars, on the cars, in the house, and all over your clothes, if run low on salt!

Schools close every time Snow or his friend Freezin have a productive day!
I love having my kids home an extra day, however... 
The kids don't stay inside, they get on all their warm wear (like 3 layers) go outside to play in the Snow for like 20 minutes. Then come in and strip off all the layers right by the door since they're soaked.

Nothing greets the day like an extra 15 minutes outside clearing off the van!

Wet pants, frozen hands, arriving late to school... snow has so many highlights.

There may come a day that I have been in Texas so long that I start to miss Ohio snow, but as for now


What is your opinion of snow?

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