Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Accomplishments to be proud of

We moved to Texas almost 6 months ago. If you want to know EXACTLY.. it was 5 months 2 weeks and 5 days ago.
We moved here because my husband, Mr. P (aka Jon) started a business with 2 partners in Houston, approximately a year before we moved, and things were going well. Moving closer to the business was the best option.
Since we have been here the company has had a few changes. They re-branded. The company was Spot on Print and they are now ADHERE creative. They also moved into and AMAZING office.

I am so proud of the accomplishments they have made. Here is a spread of photos to show some of the changes.

I will start with their previous logo and their current logo
This is the former company name /logo

They re-branded and  ♪TaaDaa♪

Here is the progression of their office from start to FANTASTIC finish!! ...

looks like the only great thing about this office is the view...
I was referring to the window view not Nathan and Daniel

but if your a design and advertising company...

you can see much more then the average person...

so let's see what their vision was...

New flooring,  gray...

to match the divine gray on the walls...

At this point I'm still a little skeptical of the finished product, but I have faith
however I am still AMAZED with the view

I cannot imagine having the luxury of that fantastic view everyday
wow! I love the shade of green!

I am starting to feel bad for being skeptical
Nice choice of furniture

I love those cubes from IKEA

very nice, guess the kids and I won't be able to have lunch
with daddy much with a white table and chairs


Before I put the pictures up the finished office
I want to show the view in the hall before you reach the office on the 8th floor.

Looking down over the edge of the 8th floor

Looking straight out from 8th floor
When you first enter the office this is directly ahead

the green in creative is reflecting from the wall

Finished. perfect
SHHH they have no idea I am planning to put them on my blog

 Remember the AMAZING view... let's see it one more time...

 Keep up the impressive work ADHERE creative!

Do you have any questions for them or words of encouragement you would like to share?


  1. After seeing it firsthand, I can say it is a very cool space in which to work. The color palette is great and matches the logo, of course. I don't remember any view? ;)


  2. Great Post, It is amazing how far we have come. I am glad all that construction is over and we can focus on work.

  3. Wish they would have focused on alittle more training too... Jon smoked them... but hey they have great creative idea's... they should go as far as their hearts set sight of...