Sunday, February 27, 2011

A breakfast welcome!

Coming to Texas has been a wonderful experience for all of us Feagain's.
But when loved ones move to Texas also it makes it even better!
My kids were so excited they got to stay up late and wait for them to arrive... Hannah had the camera in hand and began snapping before they even got in the driveway!

Welcoming them with hugs and pictures (after being in the car for days) I am sure they will love that I am posting them on my blog! :)

Samuel and Kasey were so excited to get out of the car, and my kids were so excited to see them for the first time in almost 6 months!

Once all the extra helping hands (Julie's entourage as we called them) David, Sharon, Christopher, Terrie and Alexis headed back to Ohio... Jon and I decided we needed to give them a special welcome...

Julie collects turtles
Samuel loves fish and smiles all the time

Jaime loves tulips
We didn't know what Kasey liked, so Jon made a butterfly cause all little girls enjoy a butterfly

I hope they love Texas as much as we do.
They loved their welcome breakfast ...I'm pretty sure.
Awaiting some company that should be heading our way soon... don't be surprised if I post of another welcome to Texas, because Houston has a way of touching you and making you want to stay!

Have you been to Houston or any part of Texas? What did you think?

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