Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pride Y'all

Since we have been in Texas we have seen many things that show Texas Pride.
I heard about it before we moved here but had no idea of the severity. here are some of the obvious items most associate with the thought of Texas...
The Star at the Texas welcome center

Cowgirl/Cowboy hat

The Texas Flag (ok so this is a sign with the flag on it, but you get my point)

After moving here we continued to see even more extreme signs of Texas pride.

You probably can not tell but this awesome car, has California plates!
One picture just wasn't enough!
This was at a restaurant we tried called, Willies

While shopping at the grocery store we always see at least one thing that shows true Texas pride and this day we found both of these items

I tried multiple times to turn this picture :(

We are starting to get the Texas pride fever already... I mean shoot I already say y'all
But here is a picture to show how our family will be all over Texas one day!
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I hope you enjoyed all the fun Texas pride we have seen (and remembered to take a picture of) hope to share more!

Would you like to share anything that you have seen that shows pride?


  1. It is pretty awesome!!!
    Can't think of a better place I'd rather be!!!!!

  2. What about the burger king texas whopper.... ha ha .