Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hearts Everywhere!

A much loved mail item, American Girl Magazine!
They have so much and my kids want to try every recipe and all the crafts (we try some things not all).
Awhile back there was a contest to find hearts and take pictures of them. Not just any hearts but natural made hearts. So we all went to the zoo and this is what we found...

...we have been finding them ever since! One of my cousins takes pics of natural hearts while another cousin takes pictures of smiley faces (this one has been more difficult for our family.
It is a lot of fun and I hope to keep finding them and hopefully start finding more smiley faces.

Have you looked and took pictures of a certain shape?


  1. aww heather the hearts are sarounding u. to me i think it gets esier to find them, because your mother is all around is showing you the beauty

  2. Funny that when you posted this i had not really looked for hearts but as i was bathing mom i noticed an age spot on her chest that is heart shaped. i took a picture for you.

  3. too cool! Thanks for posting this! Hearts from Texas were just what we needed!! Love you all!