Thursday, February 24, 2011


Learning to use chopsticks is fun to watch.
We recently went to Pei Wei near our house, and on every table there is a cup full of chopsticks.
Our girls wanted to give it a try, so we tried to explain and show them how to use them.
Here is what happened...
Eva gave up and was kinda grouchy that she couldn't get it.

Grace decided that her way was a lot easier then what we had shown her

She just kept at it from all different angles
When she finally held them like we told her to, she got a piece of chicken and boy was she SO proud of herself!!
After a few fits, Isabelle kept trying and finally got it!

However she still wasn't satisfied, she wanted to know how long until she would be able to do it as well as Jon and I. And what age were we when we learned to use chopsticks... I have no idea!!!
Hannah got it right away!

 She wasn't amused with me and my camera catching all the chopsticks excitement, but she played along to humor me. What a good girl that loves her mommy!
After getting some food into her belly Eva was smiling, I think she was pretty hungry and didn't have the patience to work to get food into her mouth!!!
What a good memory, I am so glad I decided to take pictures!
In case any of you were wondering... we all really loved the food there!!

Do you know how to use chopsticks? Do you remember at what age you learned??

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  1. Aww I miss my girls :( They are so sweet and I can't believe how grown up Hannah is looking. Tell her to stop growing up when I'm not there! :)