Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy Rox without a Box

Every one of my kids love to take a packed lunch to school. But most of time they don't because carrying a brown bag is NOT KOOL! (they do not have lunch boxes).

 While eating dinner one of the kids asked if they could pack lunch tomorrow... they all were so excited when Jon said he would pack lunches, because we were behind our time schedule and baths still needed handled.

Once they were all asleep Jon and I sat down and watched a couple of our recorded T.V. shows. Then I headed into the office to read a draft to a book that will be published in the near future. Jon headed to the kitchen to pack lunches!
We were so busy we didn't realize how much time had passed, it was pretty late....
time on our stove
I was so excited for the kids when I seen what my very fun and talented husband had done for the kids. Like I said before taking a brown bag for lunch is NOT KOOL... unless your Dad is a designer and super AWESOME!!!!

He not only designed the outside of the bags he made some pretty fun insides too!!!


I came downstairs first and put them all on the counter so when they came down they seen them and we could see their faces light up!!

We didn't think to take pictures of the lit up and giggly... but I am sure you can imagine how tickled hey were!!!
'You are the Koolest Dad EVER!!' ... 'You really love us Daddy!' ... 'AWW Man I can't wait to show my friends!' ... 'Thank you Daddy I love you sooo much!'

Do you have any great stories about packed lunches??


  1. That is SOOOO cool Heather! I LOVE the idea, and all the little notes he took the time to write!
    Great post!

  2. I can feel the Love you all have for your kids. makes me smile!

  3. That is sooo sweet!!! What an awsome Dad.

  4. I have said it time and time again... he is like his old man... I tell you, he is turning into his dad... next it will be balding and dun-lap.... which i think has started.
    Awsome job Jon, you rock, no where is mine?\ARF

  5. Lunches will never be the same again! You guys rock!


  6. this is amazing! my mom used to do this for me and it made my day to find notes from her in my lunch :)

  7. This is so cool! Hes such a great guy, you are one lucky girl! He loves those kids to the moon and back, you can tell. Hope that draft your reading is good! Keep the posts coming, they're great!