Monday, January 17, 2011

Danced into my Heart

Last year, 4 of my 6 Daughters and both of my Sons attended dance classes, at Love 2 Dance Studio in Akron Ohio.

 The owner is a brilliant teacher and just as personable as they come. Her standards must be set high, due to the amazingly talented (and beautiful) staff she has hired.

They are just strict enough to keep me happy and fun enough to keep the kids excited to come back. The recitals are ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! I was so happy to see my kids dance so well, I cried!
I have always loved watching anyone dance, but it is heart swelling to watch your own offspring.

Dancing is fun to participate in, as well as watch. I tried (not very successfully) Zumba and Bellydance. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone at least try Zumba and all women should take a bellydance class, you will be extremely happy you did! It really boosts self-esteem and sensuality.

Thank you Emilie, for introducing us, and thank you Love 2 Dance for dancing your way into my heart. I am hopeful that some of our kids will continue with dance for a long time, it brings me such joy to watch and see them grow stronger at the art of Dance.

Do you like to dance?


  1. I love to my mind. I have always been so clumsy and can never remeber the steps. I always feel like an idiot at parties cuz I just can't electric slide.....but in my mind I am a beautiful dancer!! Guess I was just meant to watch!

  2. i have not done any zumba classes but i do have the game julie was thinkin to get one for the wii it definaltly is a work out lol and ur kids were so good at dancing and i could see how much they loved it

  3. aww i love this! we miss you all so much here...people still ask about you and the kids and what to know how you all are doing! this recital will not be the same without me hearing you "woo-hoo" in the audience! :)