Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Such a funny word --Y'all

My 9yr old daughter comes home from school and says "Mom, ALL my teachers say y'all."

"What Isabelle?"

"I'm not kidding Mom, they say 'Y'all need to get your books out', 'y'all need to line up', 'y'all better hurry and finish y'alls lunch', it is so funny." The whole time, her hand on her hip.

I agree it is a funny word to us. It is not a word we heard often in Ohio, but here down here in the south it is very common.

So I have been trying to think of other words that are different from place to place and I have heard my 11yr old daughter talk about her friend from Scotland and she has different words for many items that Hannah thinks are funny. Such as she calls chips -crisps, and fries -chips and Mom -Mum.  I pointed out to Hannah that if she thinks Daisy's words are funny, then Daisy probably thinks the words we use are funny.
I tell Hannah maybe a conversation Daisy has with her Mum goes like this 'Mum', while laughing 'my friends at school call crisps -chips, and chips- fries, isn't that funny Mum? What exactly is a fry?'
Hannah laughs picturing the conversation, and then realizes it's true.

Have you learned 'funny' words during your travels?


  1. Might I also add that not only do we say yall a lot, but we also have our own type of music called Texas Country! Lol....its a combination of country and rock for the most part. And its fantastic. I recommend Reckless Kelly, Roger Creager, Micky and the Motorcars, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green....etc. :)

    My goal is to get heather to like these bands!


  2. well heather the only yall i hear up hear is ebonix haha i dont know if i spelled that right and also i am trying this blog thing out so i made one :)