Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

My 3 year old daughter is completely different then my other kids were at 3.  They were so defiant and pushed my buttons, I have told everyone that kids at age 3 and me are like oil and water.

However now I have LilyKate, she is so sweet and hardly ever does ANYTHING defiant.  As a matter of fact she asks permission before he does anything, its cute. Her whining and crying at the drop of a dime drives me crazy but it is usually easy to smooth over.
2 year olds have always been the cute little darlings, that are funny and sweet and cuddly. UNTIL NOW!! Annelise is by far the most difficult to understand and please child of age 2, I have EVER encountered.

When the pair of them are getting along and life is happy, whine free, and drama free... they are quite entertaining, loving and sweet.
Here is pictures of
a fine day of getting along with one another, playing a game where we all 3 had to wear hats... I was the laundry folder, and they were the princess and queen (they traded off every few minutes) and we all had to go on a parade to wave to 'eveeone'.

No I am not silly enough to take a picture of myself during this parade, sorry.

I believe when my Mom told me I would have a child that was 10 times worse then me, she was referring to Annelise (by the way, she will tell you her name is Baby and she is 6).
Everyone says its because she is the baby, but if that were true wouldn't I be more tolerant of her defiance?
Oh well, she is fun and full of pepper. Maybe she is here to teach me something my Mother told me I never possessed - patience. So when I get to teenage years I will possess patience!

What age to you think is the most difficult?

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