Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mac and Cheese Fairytale

COUPONS??? What is all the hype about??
Double and triple coupons... WHAT?? what does that mean? Only 2 like coupons per transaction... really who has more then 2 of the same coupon???
And the worst thing I have ever heard... buying coupons from a clipping service!! Who buys coupons??

That was the Heather you all know just 3 weeks ago!
The new Heather has answers and comments for everything listed above!
I am a crazy excited coupon user that still needs to learn a lot but I am willing to listen and read to achieve a lower grocery bill.
Does anyone want to guess what we spend on groceries in a month?? Remember these few details, 2 pre-teens, 6 school age kids, snacks after school, breakfast every morning for all 10 of us, dinner, and lunch for myself and 2 small kids.
It all started when I went online to look for cheap dinner ideas. I found a comment about Walgreens having a special sale on Homestyle Mac and Cheese, and if used these 4 certain coupons I could leave the store with 3 bags for JUST $.50! Yeah right.  Jon and looked carefully and realized we could do this because we just happened to have 3 of the coupons and on of them was in a coupon book in the store by the register (didn't even know they existed). So off we went to get our mac and cheese.. 'ha I will believe it when I see it' I say to Jon on our way to Walgreens.

'HOLY CRAP, we just got 3 bags, which is dinner for our family, for 50 cents!!!' The pair of us were as excited as a kid in a candy store!! It was then that we decided to change some things and learn more about coupons!

With the very little knowledge I have obtained since, we headed to the grocery stores, ads and coupons in hand (yes we bought some from The Coupon and here is the results that we have personally accomplished in one evening...

Our grocery bills added up to $369 we only spent $194 so we saved $175!!

Just by learning how to read the ads more effectively and matching coupons to sale items!

Ever wish you had done something years earlier? I have been realizing I have a lot of those wishes lately!

Moral of this story, Don't knock it until you try it!

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