Monday, January 24, 2011

Scrub with Style

In July 2000 my husband and I were married. In our vows were a few compromises, my favorite one being that I never had to do the dishes!

In July 2010, my husband and took a trip for our anniversary to Texas. We stayed for a week and spent a lot of time with great friends, Nathan and Brittany. One afternoon, Nathan impressed us with his excellent culinary skills, lunch at his place. Once we licked our plates of every delicious morsel, we piled our dishes in the sink. I honestly thought of doing the dishes, but Nathan has a small OCD problem and I didn't want to upset him (and I do not like touching dirty dishes).

A few hours later when Brittany came home from work she started washing up the dishes from our yummy lunch and she was using a long handled scrubber!
Similar to this one

I was so amazed I had never seen anyone use such a kool thing to clean the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher!! (I know I am sheltered).
I was SO amazed that I made a VERY bold and crazy comment... I said "Jon if you buy me one of those... I will do the dishes!". Of course he laughed, and loudly I might add, as did Nathan and Brittany.

Once we were back home in Ohio, I kept reminding Jon that I would do the dishes if he bought me one... he didn't.
We moved to Houston the 3rd week in August and again I reminded him that I needed a scrubber if he wanted me to do dishes, so off we went to T.J. Maxx.
I couldn't find the same scrubber but I found a super cute scrubber that I decided would work just as well!

I brought home my new very adorable scrubber with excitement to try it out on the dishes. And much to my husbands surprise I have not disliked or avoided the dishes since!!
I did however become a little obsessed with cute scrubbers and when I find one I just HAVE TO HAVE, Jon usually will buy it for me because he like that I now dominate dish washing!
Do not worry, I have shared my love of adorable scrubbers, I showed Brittany my scrubber and she loved it, so for her birthday we set out on a mission to find one she would like...
... here's what we found for her, the dress is a stand to hold the brush upright and I believe she loved it! I mean Brittany has dark hair and I am SURE she looks fabulous in red, so you can why I thought of her when I seen this one! (I am a little jealous I don't have one like this, but I do have 2 more in waiting... for the day mine is in bad shape.

A cute orange flower with a stand. Yes it is the exact same (besides the color) but it is cute. 

This one is cute and meaningful...

Oh I love my scrubbers... and I actually like doing the dishes now... crazy how the little things make such a big difference!

Do you have a scrubber? Does it have style?


  1. these are so cute!! i need one :) i just have a boring white one like the first picture haha

  2. ha yea a boring one for me to butim so suprised i though you would alawyas hate dishes haha

  3. yes i do it is flesh tone, flexible, has 5 scrapers and is 48 years old! lol