Friday, January 14, 2011

Painful Toys


Every time I step on a hot wheel, lego or pet shop I threaten to toss 'em all.
But why do I do I threaten to do this? I am the one that paid for those toys. I am the one that needs those toys to keep my kids happy and busy while I clean the house, make dinner (not that I do that often, my husband is a great cook), blog, read a book, etc...
I am the one that invests the time to look for the coolest car, the most original legos, or the cutest pet shop.

Truth is I should threaten to keep the toys for myself. I love to play with all the said toys. I could collect them and sit in my room and set up a pet shop city, build a kennel out of legos and have the hot wheels drive the and deliver the pet food.

Is there small painful toys around your house? How do you react?


  1. not small but annoying kid guns and such i have hurt my self a couple of times lol not much but move them outta the way (mandy lancaster)

  2. That is exactly why my attic is still filled with toys from 20+ years ago....I did keep them...maybe I will turn my house into a shrine after the last kid moves out! I WILL play with those toys and I WILL leave then on the floor if I want.......only because I am too old and moldy to get my butt off the floor sooooo there you will find me trapped in my own livingroom, surrounded by legos, Knex, flexiblocks, hot wheels (damned die cast metal cars that KILL the feet AND have wheels), marbles, and tons of other crazy shaped hard when stepped on toys. Good thing I won't be able to get off the floor I may have used the rollerblades and ripstick next!!!

  3. Heather I love the blog!! My "arch" enemy (get it?) is the bead. My girls are crafty and the beads get everywhere, but you don't realize it until they are stuck in the sweeper, or under your feet.

  4. If we only followed through with this... kids would really understand how we had it as kids.... they would understand how specail a lego or hotwheel or barbie was when you only got it once a year from santa and had to share it with your sibblings... so they would pick it up and like me hide it so that you wouldn't need to share it.... for i think sometimes there is a little boy or girl living in my old house on buechtel ave in ohio... who while digging in the dirt may find some of my hidden GI Joes...may they R.I.P.