Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Why do people place such high expectations on other people?
I am as guilty as the next person. I had high expectations that someone I looked up to would change her ways and be a better person, and of course I was let down.
A friend of mine has high expectations that her Ex will step up and be the person she believes he can be, it will not happen.
A relative of mine had high expectations that family would be there when needed, a let down.
Having expectations is good but not when they are set too high.
I have been working on setting any expectations I may have, somewhat low, so if they meet them I am happy and if they exceed them I am THRILLED.
I believe people would have a lot less anger towards others, if they set their expectations lower.

More generic examples.. If you didn't have high expectations that all people should drive as you do, you would have less let down when someone cuts you off.
If you didn't have such high expectations that everyone should be on time, then when your friend shows up late you wouldn't be so upset.

Ok I am going a little overboard, sorry.

Getting let down plain out sucks. So if each person would set expectation standards for themselves higher and set expectation standards for others lower... wouldn't that bring a better quality to life?

I know today's entry was a little over the top.. but it's hard to feel disappointment, and for me even harder to watch others be disappointed.

Anyone agree or disagree? I would love to hear about it.


  1. Ur completely rt about always being let down by man, HOWEVER, there is 1 & ONLY 1 who can b completely trusted in & that is God (YHWH). He is the only 1 u shld put ur trust in. He may not always give u what U want, but best believe He always gives u what's BEST for u! I love the entry & am w/ u that if people wld stop putting their faith in mere human they wld b a lot less disappointed resulting in less anger/bitterness

  2. I have found in my 48 years that we surround ourselves with people that have the same expectations as our own - the people in our lives that we had no choice having there are the ones that give us the most grief. I have NO expectations of them and don't put any weight in the promises or even words they speak - my friends are my family and I am truly blessed to have a LONG line of them. The expectations I have for myself are the hardest ones to meet but I am getting better at not beating myself up for not meeting them - I am a dynamic human being and I love me even if I cannot be perfect to everyone else. I love with ALL I am and I give with ALL I have and I have FUN and live for today! I will not let negative people rule my world...I will separate myself from the negative and build from the positive. I have been blessed to have what I have and for that I am grateful! Don't get me wrong - I have sadness when things happen that I cannot control but I will not let that rule my life. Life is good!