Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Palladium
Also known as my favorite place.

So when you first walk in, there are many of these large touch screens. this is where you pick your movie, select your seats, (yes thats right you chose your seats) and pay for your tickets.
You can also watch the preview to any movies showing.

My very first experience  at the Palladium.
I couldn't believe the size of screens (IMAX), the amazing surround sound, the uber comfy seats, and all the extras!! (keep reading for those)

First date night at the Palladium!

This is upstairs looking down, upstairs is for ages 18 and older only! Can you see the Gelato sign? Gelato, bonbons, cupcakes, frozen yogurt and Starbucks are all available in the center downstairs.
Upstairs has tables, billiards, a bar, a food station, and a balcony. On certain nights there is a live performance on the balcony. 

This is along one wall upstairs, very detailed and lovely.  Beneath this piece is a billiard. (We have not tried that yet). 

The Palladium brings out the kids in us.

I took this selfie in the bathroom that looks like its laid out for a Goddess.

We wanted our kids to have the awesome experience of The Palladium, so we took them in shifts. So we could watch them as they were as blown away as we were.

These are samples of the DBOX seats installed in a couple theaters. They shake and move as if you are really in the action.

The kids really got a kick out of the soda machine (pic below) it has flavors and many of them to choose from. And as many refills as you want.

When I was kid I loved to mix all the different flavors together, but why did I think 'gross' when my daughters tried it?

The arcade is fantastic! This a picture of a Pac-Man table, they have a bunch. 
Beside the arcade is a bowling alley!! 

There are 25 screens, some have VIP seating. Vip seating is great, you just push a button and someone will bring you any food or drink you request. Vip is also located upstairs.

Speaking of food, the options are not just your usually theater food (yes they have that too). Among the choices are tacos, sushi, and my personal favorite gyros. That's just a few, there are many more options!

I could go on and on but I think everyone should just see and feel it for themselves!!
Located in Richmond Texas!

Are you planning your visit to the Palladium?

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  1. Looks awesome!! You have to take me next time I come visit :))