Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Throw Back Thursday

In Honor of social media celebrating Throw Back Thursday,
 I have looked for a few goodies of my own.

This was a fabulous year in our lives.... 
My kids were home schooled- we all loved it.
OHDELA was the best Virtual school for my family.
Below is a picture of us at OHDELA dressed as 
The 10 Little Indians, for Halloween.

We were also filmed for a commercial for OHDELA, 
click here to watch it.

After watching that video I wanted to throw back to this past July when I reached another goal on my weight loss journey.
Big difference from video (2008) to now 2014

Since it is so close to Halloween I thought I'd show a pic of last years Halloween costumes....
Jacob~ Fat personal Trainer
Hannah~ Smarty Pants
Michael~ Bum
Eva~ Pinapple
Grace~ Puppy
LilyKate~ Rainbow Bright
Annelise~ Gum ball Machine
Leo~ Dragon

My kids were all blessed to be able to dance at Love 2 Dance Studio.
Amazing owner Andrea Love is missed, especially by Isabelle.
 Andrea asked the kids to dress as Cindy Lou Who and Cat in the Hat for a Holiday Parade in
 Akron, Ohio.

Another holiday event from the past....
Adhere Creative Holiday Party.
These guys work so hard all year they need to 
goof off and have a blast at the Company's Holiday Party.

This was just last year.
 I was sad to hear the elementary school I attended was going to be demolished.
So I walked all my kids and a few other kids the same path I used to take 30+ years ago.
I have so many fond memories from Harris Elementary, and Jennings Middle Schools.

This concrete odd shaped climbing equipment was referred to as
"The Cheese"
Anyone that went to Harris would know and appreciate this picture and memory.
Feeling joyful inside just remembering the fun my kids had on 'the cheese' that day!!

This is a funny, but not so funny story...

Okay, so my son Michael (as well as a few other kids of mine), are a little over dramatic at times.
One day he was sitting on the couch and I was in the kitchen cooking (you can see over the counter into the living room).
I heard screams of anger from 2 sisters outside, so I asked Michael to go tell the girls to come inside.
He jumps up rounds the couch and falls...
He starts screaming like he's being eaten alive, I say "Seriously Michael you just fell on the floor"
Then he stands up and shows me his arm and I immediately forget everything I have ever learned about being calm and I start screaming like fool!!
"Where's my phone?' 
"Where is your dad?"
"What do I do?'
He never actually cried, just the initial scream, he was too entertained by his mom acting like a fool!
He is a tough cookie. 
He even smiled for his picture.

Since I am honoring Throw Back Thursday I thought it would be cool to add a link to one of my most loved blog posts...

Please check that one out!!
Let me know what you think.

I wanted to end this post with this picture, not because it's a cool throw back story.
Actually I remember nothing about why this pictures was taken, or who's glasses these belong to, but I love his face and outfit!

Do you celebrate Throw Back Thursday on Social media?

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