Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anniversary surprise

Anniversary surprise!!

My husband and I have been in different states for our Anniversary for the last 2 years.
So this year my wonderful husband planned a leisurely, romantic, weekend getaway for just the 2 of us!!
I was so impressed!
I have a lot of pictures to help tell this awesome story (maybe even too many).

His plan~
He came home from work early one day and had flowers and a card.
I was not happy that he had messed up the date of our Anniversary, you see our Anniversary wasn't for another 5 days.
He made me pack some clothes..I totally over packed since I had no idea what or where I was going!
He kept the destination a secret until signs gave it away.

He took me to Austin!

A cool, funky, interesting city!!

I found the Food Trucks Parks very interesting. 

We stayed at the Hyatt. It was a lovely hotel.

Let the silliness begin!

Since we left Sugar Land around 5 we didn't eat dinner so we ate at the hotel restaurant

Some of the best food I have tasted!

During our 12 day Honeymoon many moons ago, my husband left a gift on my pillow every night!!
Well being the amazing husband that he is, he left gifts on my pillow each day of this weekend getaway!

My first morning I woke up to a bottle of nail polish, and a booklet of IOU coupons.

When I came out of the bathroom after my morning shower the first day, he had put post it notes all over the entire room!!
They all had some sweet little note written on it.

Once we headed out to find our fun, we saw this cute paddle boat.

A Swan! AWWW so cute and perfect for a couple's romantic getaway...

This pic was before we started pedaling the boat for an HOUR!
It was nice, but I wouldn't choose that again. I almost had to lay down to reach the pedals.
 Yes, I am short.

Jon picked a magnificent restaurant.
Green Pastures

I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.

Most romantic place. 

It was an old farm house, transformed into a restaurant!

This rose was in vase on our table and Jon was being silly,

So I wanted to my own silly. 
All while no one else was in the room of course, you know Jon would have turned 10 shades of red if anyone had witnessed our shenanigans. 

Outside walking freely around the years were beautiful white peacocks

After lunch I was sleepy and soaked up a nap back in our room.
While I slept Jon found another wonderful surprise for our Anniversary weekend.

He found a live theater show! My favorite.

I enjoyed it immensely! 

Day 2
 I had these lovely gold earrings sitting on the bed when I woke up.

Day 3
I squealed when I saw this Mom Planner on the bed!!
It has pages and pages for me to make lists!

Before we left Austin we stopped for Torchy's Tacos.
That sign sums it up. 
 Jon wanted his picture taken with that sign as if he were being described, haha.

I love this man. And I know he loves me.

Every couple has its issues, but I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

Mr. and Mrs. Feagain- A true love story never ends.

And this is our Happily Ever After!

What was your best surprise?

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