Monday, October 20, 2014

Amy Art

I wanted to highlight a dear friend of mine.
Amy L Deal

Before I go on, some history of our friendship....
We met in 7th grade and I claimed her and her twin sister as 'My Twins'.
As they were my best friends. 
Today I still consider them 'My Twins' and are 2 of my very best friends!

I was so surprised to learn that she has a pretty fantastic talent, Painting.
Her painting skills are AWESOME!

Amy told 3 of my girls to find a picture on the internet that they would like her to paint.
Eva loves Curious George, so she picked this picture and...

Below is the picture Amy painted freehand, Eva absolutely loves it.

Annelise loves Lalaloopsy dolls, so she picked this picture.
I personally love the curly hair.

Amy impresses me with every painting she does. But Annelise is over the moon about this picture.

I do not have a favorite, but  do have a great fondness for penguins, so when Grace chose this picture I was pretty excited to see her paint this one.


Amy told me that she watched Bob Ross as a kid, but never picked up a paintbrush until about a year and half ago.

I have heard that everyone has a gift/talent/craft, I am still looking for mine.
Thank goodness Amy has found hers!
I am excited that we have 3 framed pieces of Amy Art at my house!

What is your gift/talent/craft?


  1. Thank you Heather! That means a lot to Amy and I!!! Love you forever!

  2. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I love you and your kids so much! Tickled that you have a piece of me with you in Texas.