Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Houston = Happiness

Moving to Houston Texas from Akron Ohio seemed like it would be quite a change (I don't mean an easy one).
I mean I had some type of get together every month!! From a home party (Pampered Chef, Usborne Books...etc..), to wine tasting, birthday party, pool party... you name it I probably had one just to give the people I know and love a good reason to come hang out!!
Since we know VERY limited people here (4 to be exact) and we don't know them well, we don't have get togethers at all.
And believe it or not I am still happy as can be! I learn something new EVERYDAY, and I have loosened my tight leash on my kids (I know some of you are saying FINALLY).
It may have something to do with my kids are getting GREAT grades in school, they are surrounded by friends, and show a lot more responsibility. They are happier too!
Now don't get me wrong if the people I love and love to be around decided to move to Houston and be closer to us and enjoy all that it has to offer.. I would love that. However, most people know that Ohioans are born, raised, and die in Ohio. Fear of leaving family, and fear of change.

But if anyone is reading this and thinking I would move there ... but....
then you are just like Jon and I... except I would not let ANY 'buts' get in my way!!

A woman that lives here told me this 'I moved here from Cleveland 16 years ago, and every time one of my friends or family members would visit me, they would move here within a year!' I personally believe that Houston just has an appeal that feels so good deep down in your heart and soul!

Again I say we are happy and that's what living is all about!

Do you have somewhere you think is an Amazing place to live?

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