Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a Hobby or Fabulous Talent

Sharing things I think will make others smile is one thing I have always done.
During a visit in Akron Ohio I stopped by my cousin Justine's house, just to hang out and chit chat.
Little did I know that her 'hobby' she had been telling me about was so extraordinaire! She took me into her office when she works on some of these 'hobby' items... I was stunned!

See for yourself

Brown and champagne colors lots of sparkles!! (bracelet)

Silver and pearls bracelet matching everything!! (One of my wish list items)

AMAZING pink sparkles!! This is an anklet (not my size) or I would already own it!!!

The pink balls of sparkling beauty match the anklet above!!

Just a small section of her earring display...

Beautiful badge holders

 Now this are a very special pair of earrings... there is a story to the beautiful beads (which is included with purchase)

Royal blue and pearls bracelet ... keep in mind most of her jewelry is original pieces

all the beads dangle off of a silver chain

 Now that I have shown you what I seen pretty amazing 'hobby' huh?
Well I tol her I would tell everyone I know about her hobby and as soon as I showed pictures I had to call her up and set up a time for others to shop her hobby items...

This set is THE set I had to have ... sadly it is an original, but she has many many other AMAZING items!!

I am still stunned that this to her was just a hobby. But maybe you should tell me what you think... hobby or talent?
If your interested in having her come set up for you and your friends, co-workers family just email me at

I really love pretty things (especially sparkly things), and since we have 6 girls that could be bad thing, if they have the same appreciation for pretty things.

Do you know someone with a wonderful 'hobby'?


  1. You shouldn't have shown me this. I have an obsession with sparklies. :)

  2. Thanks Heather for showing my lil jewels. I am working on some sterling, and gold filled pieces using chain & gorgeous gemstones! But dont worry, the crystals are always a fancy of mine. ( AND YOURS) LOL. Love you all, and miss you Always. Love, Justine