Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Normal blogging?

What is normal blogging?
I have not read a blog before I created this one so I do not know if there is a 'normal' way to blog. Since I have started mine I have read a few and I like most of them (some a little too much for me).
Anyway I sometimes have the urge to post more then one time a day, the blogs that I have read only post once a day or less.. If that is the 'normal' I will have to be odd...

If I feel the excitement to post something I don't want to write it down and save it for the next day... uck.

I really love pictures so I will be posting many! Even if they don't match my entry. Please come back as often as you like to see what exciting or ridiculous things happen in our crazy family!

Speaking of pic that doesn't match entry...

My 11yr old drew this (I personally love it) and my 9yr old took the picture!

Do you have a blog pattern?

1 comment:

  1. I post more than once a day sometimes!

    There are days where I just have the time and the ideas, and then there are stretches of days where there is no time lol

    So, I say just do it whenever you can and whenever you want to :)