Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skating back a few days

Well I have been busy learning a few things and I just got around to dumping the pictures from our eventful day- Christmas Eve.
We were invited by our wonderful friends The Loose's to an Ice Skating Party in the afternoon.
It was an indoor ice rink... I couldn't believe how warm it was outside and how COLD it was inside. (I know I am a sheltered ..LOL)

I have never been in a pair of ice skates. I had an experience on roller skates as a child... leaving skating a thing of my past!
Some of the pics I am sharing with you will be blurry because I had the wrong setting on the camera.. oops.
This is something I have never seen before.. bumper cars on ice!! What a HUGE hit with ALL the kids!! Even LilyKate and Annelise were able to enjoy these!

These 2 pictures were taken with my phone... we are silly and forgot the camera oops

Once Jon returned from home with the camera and some hoodies for kids that 'didn't need one'...

Ice skating was fun for the kids and work for Jon. He was helping and holding kids around the rink.
Lucky for him Dawna and Stephen took a turn with Grace then Eva. Thank you!

A few shots of the kids...
Isabelle had it down as soon as her feet hit the ice.

It took Michael a few slow laps and then he got it pretty good too!

Jacob would fly by the spot I was taking pictures... he had a great time and did great.

Taking a break...

Isabelle had the wrong size skates and her feet hurt... so she exchanged them
 Grace's hands were 'freezin' so she wore her dad's gloves during her break.

Hannah was warming LilyKate up and giving her feet a rest.
Isabelle and Eva seen a friend of theirs at the rink... Emily.

I caught (with the camera) Michael before he fell.
So after all that fun skating and drinking hot cocoa... we stopped on our way out by these pretty Christmas trees and took a photo (since we don't have a tree this year)
They had a great time!
After all that fun we came home and sent the kids to play while we made them a surprise dinner.. Party Stew.
Just for the record it was delicious!!
 It was a great day!

Please share an interesting and of course Yummy recipe with me.

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