Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Fun

I am just going to put some pictures of the fun family entertainment we have had during winter break... hope you enjoy! We sure did.

We had a field day... in the field!

The Really Really BIG Christmas Show at church

Every seat was taken, some people had to sit on the steps to the balconies.

Stage before the show started.

Did I mention that we attend a Really Really BIG church?!

Marker Wars are always a great time...
Good thing they are washable

AND THE WINNER IS.... DAD!!!!! with only few marks-- the crowd goes wild
Last year all the kids were home-schooled so having them home with me for 17 days is SO great! We have made a lot of crafts too that post to come soon!

Hope you are enjoying your winter break!

Tell me what you have been doing on your break.

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