Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card

Like I said before we design our Christmas Card every year and every year our wonderful kids are part of the design. Ok my husband does all the designing.. I just come up with the ideas for the kids.

Since we recently moved to Texas, I thought a cowboy hat would be a great prop... and a white beard (not as easy as ya'll would think) to add fun and laughter to the pictures! Who knew that there were 8 la's in Deck the halls... not even me, until Jon (master designer) put it on this card!!

On the back there is more awesome design and our kids on the beach in November (oh how I love that).

What do you think of our card?

1 comment:

  1. I got it in the mail yesterday and it made me smile!
    (Especially Grace's sassy face haha)

    So unique and creative as your cards always are :)
    It's up on my fridge, which is slowly becoming a shrine to pictures and letters from you and the kids haha